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Supporting givers across Australia

Australian Communities Foundation can establish a philanthropic vehicle to suit your giving needs. Our Starting A Fund or Foundation page will help you find the structure that’s right for you.

In addition, we offer fee-for-service options and workshops that enable individuals and families, companies, foundations, government and non-profit organisations to develop, review and evaluate their giving and its effectiveness.

Foundation Support Services

In addition to our dedicated Private Foundation packages, we offer Foundation Support Services, providing a range of backend support options for foundations, trusts and private ancillary funds (PAFs).

Accessing extra support and leveraging Australian Communities Foundation’s infrastructure can be particularly valuable for foundations that are just starting out or for those who want to outsource certain functions.

Supporting the Telematics Trust

Australian Communities Foundation supports public charitable trust, Telematics, by coordinating its annual grant round for technological innovations in education and training across Victoria.

Contact us below to find out more about how we can facilitate your grant round.

The vision of Telematics Trust is for technology to transform lives through education and training for the cultural, social and economic benefit of Victorians.

Our Support Options

Choose only the support you need

Compliance & Support

  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Liaising with auditors
  • Liaising with our investment advisers
  • Preparation of papers for signing of accounts meeting
  • Attendance at signing of accounts meeting
  • Preparation of annual report
  • Quarterly GST compliance
  • Preparation and management of cash flow
  • Lodging Annual Information Statement with ACNC and attending to other ACNC matters
  • Provision of other financial advice and assistance as required.


  • Preparation of trustees’ papers including reports
  • Coordination of information from other service providers such as investment advisers
  • Attendance at trustee meetings
  • Preparation and circulation of minutes from trustees’ meetings
  • Board meeting preparation, documentation attendance and follow up
  • Meeting coordination, phone calls and correspondence on behalf of the foundation
  • Other secretarial services including maintenance of files and key documentation.

Grantmaking Services

  • Grant scheduling, monitoring and reporting
  • Grant payment instructions
  • Grant receipts
  • Cause area research and investigation
  • Evaluation and measurement.

Grant Application Process

  • Administration of large grant rounds that require template design, advertising, assessment criteria and recommendations to trustees.

Meeting Spaces

  • Book one of four spaces at our Community of Giving offices (East Melbourne) for your meeting or event (maximum capacity 70 people)
  • Videoconferencing facilities
  • Hot desk (pending availability).

Request a quote from our Supporting Foundations Service

Contact us below to talk about how we can support you.

Philanthropy Workshops

Australian Communities Foundation offers tailored workshops that help funders at all levels clarify their philanthropic goals and build their knowledge of the tools and strategies for best-practice giving.

In addition to the workshops below, we can also deliver customised content that meets your specific needs.

1. A Basis For Giving

2-hour workshop

You have decided you want to give but you are feeling unsure about how to proceed. This workshop will provide you with everything you need to know to take the next steps. Our team will give you an understanding of philanthropy and its history, as well as the contemporary funding ecosystem. We will then help you to identify the right philanthropic structure to suit your needs and support you to navigate risks, regulation and compliance in a practical and pragmatic everything-you-need-to-know session.

Once you have formed a solid foundational understanding of the context in which you will be doing your giving, we will provide the space for ideas and inspiration through case studies and an exploration of your values and intentions. You will leave feeling confident and excited about what’s to come.

1a. A Basis For Giving + Your Giving Toolkit

3-hour workshop

This workshop takes you from ideas to action. We will support you to identify your funding focus and priorities and give you all the tools and templates you need to start making an impact. In addition to gaining a solid foundational understanding of context and process, you will walk away knowing what your focus and framework will be.

2. From How To Why: Identity, Goals and Strategies That Fit

3-hour workshop

You are ready to further explore who you want to be as a funder and how that translates in your giving – from your motivations and influences to your theory of change.  This workshop will take a deep dive into your values and the ‘why’ of your giving and use these to inform your philanthropic strategy, co-created between you and our team. Not only will you walk away with a unique and custom-fitted philanthropic strategy, but you will also have the theory of change that underpins it and a framework for measuring the impact of your funding.

3. Family Philanthropy (for grandparents/parents)

1.5-hour workshop

You want to engage your family in giving together and want to do so in the most effective way, but you’re not ready to bring the next generation to the table until you know that this can be done productively. This workshop will allow you to explore the challenges of intergenerational wealth transfer and succession planning, as well as the opportunities philanthropy can present. Walk away with practical next steps to begin communicating with younger family members about money, responsibility and values, and moving towards a giving framework that engages them into the future.

3a. Family Philanthropy

2-hour workshop

You want to engage your family in giving together and want to do so in the most effective way. We will help create a space where you can talk to your relatives about family values, wealth and responsibility and find shared ground.  This workshop will support communication and understanding across generations, assist with family decision-making and encourage enthusiastic participation in giving. All those involved will walk away with a shared sense of ownership of your family’s philanthropic legacy and clarity around the role they can play.

Request a quote for a workshop

Contact us below to request a quote or find out more about our tailored workshops.

Who We Help

We provide infrastructure support to trusts and foundations of varying sizes and at different stages of their giving journey. Whether it’s helping set up your foundation, implementing a workplace giving program or taking care of the admin for you, our services can free up your time to focus on the rewarding experience of giving.


Contact us to find out more about how our fee-for-service options can help you achieve your giving goals.