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2020 Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations

Profile of Kansas Association of Community Foundations
Hosted by Kansas Association of Community Foundations
26 October 2020

The Annual National Conference for Growing Community Foundations is an outgrowth of those convened by the Kansas Association of Community Foundations over the last thirteen years, which has gained national recognition and attendance. It is tailored but not limited to small-staffed and volunteer-led community foundations in rural, small urban, and suburban America. It is designed to meet the needs of both new and seasoned board members and staff in practical training to enhance skills in all major areas of community foundation management. We welcome all board members and other volunteers, executive directors and other staff of community foundations from the USA and beyond.

This year’s theme is “Sustainable Community for All”. 2020 is a seminal year for communities across the United States. National elections, changing economic and environmental issues, Covid-19 realities, the peak phase of the transfer of wealth, equity and social justice concerns are just a few of the national headlines. At the heart of urban and rural communities, regardless of size or location, is the desire to have a thriving way of life with access to quality health care and schools, a strong and growing local economy, along with a vibrant culture and recreation scene.  Across the country we are adapting and growing to meet this ever-changing world. For community foundations, how do we manage our time and resources to maintain and nurture a place to call home?

Tickets cost $399USD. Conference Registration Deadline is October 1, 2020.


Monday 26 October – Tuesday 27 October 2020