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CICADA International Ltd

Australian Women in Music Awards

Australian Women in Music Awards

Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMA) is committed to diversity and cultural inclusivity and partners with practitioners and communities to ensure First Nat...

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31/05/2021 > 10/12/2021


  • Arts & culture
  • Social inclusion & justice


  • Women and girls
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples


Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMA) is committed to diversity and cultural inclusivity and partners with practitioners and communities to ensure First Nations women from remote and regional Australia are also engaged across the entire program. The event is not limited to performers and extends to excellence in artistry, technical and production skills, cross-cultural development, song-writing, music education, classical music, music photography, Leadership, management and more.

AWMA promotes gender and cultural equity on stage, back stage, in the board room and across all other areas of Industry, showcasing the work of First Nations and culturally diverse artists and practitioners in a high profile public context, providing jobs, opportunity, experience and exposure for female performers and emerging female industry leaders.

AWMA is a long overdue formal recognition making visible the achievements and excellence of women working across all areas of industry providing role models for the next generation of women in music.

Note: Refer to the research and statistic’s page on our web site here

In 2021 AWMA will take place over 2 days from 5 – 6 October and will include forums, a key note address, showcase & networking events, award ceremony and concert. The event will shine the spotlight on women with 17 award categories acknowledging and celebrating excellence in artistry, technical & production skills, cross-cultural development, song-writing, music education, music photography, film making, classical music, humanitarian work, leadership and more.


Annually, the performing Arts in Australia generate $111.7 billion dollars of economic activity. Our aim is to increase the amount that is invested in women.

The objectives of our programs is to have a greater capacity to effect systemic and cultural change across all facets of the music industry. This is measured by the level of engagement across our various programs, by surveys distributed to participants, by the level of established and emerging artist engagement and most profoundly by the number of First Nations and culturally diverse artists participating across our programs.

. More Indigenous communities connecting with non-Indigenous communities.
. Greater respect and stronger connections with Indigenous artists and music practitioners
. Greater respect and stronger connections between with CALD artists and music practitioners
. More women in leadership roles
. More women shaping the culture of the music industry
. More women making critical cultural decisions
. More women in control of their own careers and future
. More women developing and managing their own projects and productions
. A more diverse and balanced Australia.

We are also able to measure outcomes by the response from our elders participating in our events, by younger women aspiring to work in tech and production areas, by the level of inspiration and legitimacy gained when partnering with diverse communities to progress any initiative.

Our aim is to ensure ALL women are valued and are given agency to participate in change and contribute to Australian culture.

Profile of CICADA International Ltd

CICADA International Ltd

Cicada International Inc was established in 2009 as a not-for-profit association to empower Indigenous, marginalised and disadvantaged artists and communities through music. Since then, Cicada has gained a reputation for its management and delivery of specialist programs which engage First Nations & multi cultural artists, communities, creative practitioners and women in particular. In 2019 Cicada transferred to a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable DGR status. Our partnership model is focussed on empowering individuals with a clear and distinct commitment to Human Rights.

The Cicada Board comprises experienced professionals encompassing the Arts, Accountancy, Community engagement, not for profit Governance and Law.


TOTAL BUDGET: $330,000
Funding sourceAmount
QLD Government$150,000
Australia Council for the Arts$30,000
Settlement Services International$15,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$50,000
Expense itemAmount
Venue Hire$38,400
Artists Fees$23,200
Travel & Accommodation$35,100
Art Direction$35,800
Marketing & Publicity$87,500
Staff & Contractors$83,000

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