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Creating meaningful and sustainable job pathways for people with disability in Victoria

Creating meaningful and sustainable job pathways for people with disability in Victoria

This initiative is a foundational activity for Yooralla to implement a meaningful employment program for people with disability. The goal is to:...

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10/05/2021 > 06/08/2021


  • Education & Employment


  • People with a disability, illness or disease
  • Unemployed people


This initiative is a foundational activity for Yooralla to implement a meaningful employment program for people with disability. The goal is to:

• Identify and increase job opportunities for people with disability by improving internal recruitment processes.
• Explore ways to operationally embed “dedicated” graduate cadetships, traineeships, internships and other work experience opportunities.
• Improve retention of employees with disability, embedding positive culture change from within by making reasonable workplace adjustments and responding to challenges they may encounter.
• Connect staff to the project goals, including mentoring, understanding, encouraging and supporting colleagues with disability.
• Undertake a rigorous evaluation that gathers case studies and relevant data.

Yooralla recognises that people with disability deserve employment equity. Additionally, as an organisation supporting people with disability, employing and retaining people with disability helps us to be highly attuned to appropriate care responses.

We note: “People with disability … have a greater ability to understand the personal experience of the customer” (Moudatsou et al 2020).

We’re also aware that, whilst one in five Australians (18%) has disability, working-age people with disability (10%) are twice as likely as those without disability (4.6%) to be unemployed, according to the Australian Institute of Health Welfare. ABS data (2018) states the median gross income for a person with disability aged 15 to 64 years as $505 per week – less than half the $1,016 p/w gross income for a person without disability.

Yooralla believes such statistics should be challenged and that, by modelling best practice, we can assist in achieving positive systemic change.


Yooralla will appoint a project officer to develop a Disability Employment Action Plan that can guide the organisation to realise our goal of having at least 6% of our staff comprised of people with disability. Every effort will be made to employ a person with disability for this role, factoring in specific workplace adjustments as required.

To inform the Action Plan, interviews with various teams will explore potential employment pathways through the lens of Yooralla’s diverse professional disciplines, including:

• Administration
• Case Management
• Community Engagement
• Corporate Services
• Disability Support Work
• Early Intervention
• Finance
• Fundraising
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Marketing & Communications

Supported by Yooralla’s People & Culture (P&C) team, the project officer will identify what steps need to be taken so that as a mix of positions become vacant, the organisation is prepared to implement a targeted advertising campaign that attracts candidates with disability.

Preliminary investigation of potential job share arrangements, cadetships, traineeships and roles within our Graduate Recruit Program will also be undertaken.

The aim of this project is to define what steps are required, with specific activities time-framed, so that we can realise our long-term goal of employing people with disability as an embedded practice.

This initiative will result in a well-informed Action Plan.

Our Fundraising & Philanthropy team is currently working with the P&C Executive Director to seek resources for the appointment of an Employment Pathways Officer who will operationalise the Action Plan and oversee a robust project evaluation that can be shared with the broader disability sector.

Having commenced operations in 1918, Yooralla is one of Victoria’s oldest not-for-profit community service providers. We support children and adults who live with a disability acquired from birth, accident or ill health. Our services include a range of accommodation alternatives, respite, in-home support, therapy, attendant care, assistive technologies, employment, education, recreation, training and practical skills for daily living.

We provide support to one of the most vulnerable cohorts in the community. As part of our service response, we offer programs that build financial literacy so limited funds can meet high levels of need.

Yooralla’s Community Engagement team assists people navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), helping them to explore available options and optimise their NDIS funding allocation.

Fourteen Community Hubs in metropolitan Melbourne and regional towns deliver education and job skills training, vocational and work experience programs, social engagement and life skills activities. Four Business Enterprises provide supported employment opportunities and on-the-job training.

Our residential and respite properties provide accommodation for people with complex intellectual and physical disabilities. Yooralla also manages a Ventilator Accommodation Support Service (VASS), which offers permanent and respite accommodation to ventilator dependent customers.

Our Allied Health & Wellbeing Services team (including psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists) works closely with Yooralla customers, their families, carers, doctors and clinicians to deliver the highest quality of therapeutic care we can.

Our vision is of a world where people with a disability are equal citizens enabled to easily access quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold their human rights, empowering them to live the life they choose.


Funding sourceAmount
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$14,820
Expense itemAmount
Project Officer for 3 months (3 days p/w)$14,820
Project management, supervision & administration$2,000

Support Creating meaningful and sustainable job pathways for people with disability in Victoria

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