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Everybody's Home

Investing in social and affordable housing

Investing in social and affordable housing

Every night more than 116,000 Australians are homeless. Over the past decades, rents have been growing faster than incomes, particularly for low income earne...

01/07/2020 > 30/09/2021


  • Individual/family services & support
  • Community & economic development


  • People experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • Professional workforce


Every night more than 116,000 Australians are homeless. Over the past decades, rents have been growing faster than incomes, particularly for low income earners. That means more people paying more rent than they can afford, and more people left without a home at all. Homeownership has been declining for decades as well, particularly among young people. And now, with one million Australians out of work, and cuts to JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments, tens of thousands of Australians face the prospect of losing their homes. Covid has highlighted fundamental flaws in our housing system.

The deepening economic crisis has already resulted in thousands of job losses in construction, with contracts projected to decline more severely in 2021. As housing construction is an important employer, and building social housing is a proven way to stimulate the economy and generate jobs, this has presented a fresh opportunity to secure a social housing stimulus. Everybody’s Home has been working to leverage this opportunity and build support for investment in the Social Housing Acceleration and Renovation Project (SHARP), launched by Everybody’s Home in partnership with the Community Housing Industry Association, National Shelter and Homelessness Australia. The SHARP has already gained the support of the broader community sector, as well as the property and construction industry, unions, and economists.

Reimagining an Australia where everybody has safe and stable housing

Join us in supporting the Everybody’s Home campaign through the Impact Fund’s Reimagining Australia program. If you have a fund or foundation with us, please contact us to make a grant request. Alternatively, anyone can make a direct donation.


So far, the campaign has been focused on (1) increasing media coverage on the importance of including social housing, (2) coordinating national action from across the community sector and participation in Homelessness Week 2020, and (3) engaging MPs in discussion about social housing investment, largely through the Social Housing Pledge.

With social housing investment not secured in the October 2020 Budget, the campaign now needs to increase momentum around the arguments for social housing as stimulus through to the May 2021 Budget.

Highlighting the problem: Everybody’s Home will make the housing crisis a top tier issue by building a sense of growing urgency around increased homelessness and rent stress, and framing the issue as a problem that demands action from the Federal Government. This work includes research on the impact of Covid on homelessness, which has already been funded by a number of Australian Communities Foundation sub-funds. A parallel effort will amplify the sense of crisis around growing construction job losses, and reinforce the messages that local jobs can be created with social housing investment.

Building a solutions narrative: Alongside this problem narrative, Everybody’s Home will develop a compelling solutions narrative about the value created by providing homes for those who need them.

Connecting MPs and securing commitments: The campaign will connect MPs to the growing sense of crisis and to proposed solutions and secure commitments to action by making the issue relevant to their local community.


Social housing is the most important change needed to reduce homelessness. Access to housing people can afford prevents them becoming homeless in the first place, and if they do lose their home, means homeless services can rapidly rehouse people in a new, affordable home.


The current crisis presents a moment of opportunity: the prospect of achieving a significant social housing investment is greater now that social housing construction can contribute to economic stimulus, more so than at any time since the Global Financial Crisis. If we don’t act now and advocate for government investment in social housing while Government spending is focused on stimulating the economy, the subsequent fiscal restraint will make this investment very difficult to secure later.


The campaign seeks two key outcomes:
• A commitment to invest in the SHARP in the May 2021 Budget
• All parties commit to an election policy that includes significant social housing investment in the long-term, and a plan to reduce homelessness.

Profile of Everybody's Home

Everybody's Home

The Everybody's Home campaign has been working since March 2018 to coordinate community sector campaigning on housing and homelessness, and build community support for Australian governments to invest in social and affordable housing. The campaign has built a network of more than 300 organisational supporters and more than 28,000 individual supporters, and played an influential role in the lead up to the 2019 federal election, achieving significant policy wins in the ALP policy platform, and commitments from the Coalition to have a Minister for Housing and Assistant Minister for Homelessness and Community Housing.


TOTAL BUDGET: $494,900
Funding sourceAmount
Funding requested through Impact Fund$150,000
William Buckland Foundation$123,800
Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation$100,000
ACF Research Grant$30,000
Sector to date 20/21$29,000
Wood Foundation$12,000
Sector expected 20/21$10,000
Private donation$3,300
Expense itemAmount
Expenditure July – Sept 2020: Campaign Coordinator; Communications Retainer; Pre-budget media and project costs$67,400
Expenditure Oct 2020 – June 2021: Campaign Coordinator; Communications Retainer; project and media costs; focus groups; videos; website refresh$345,700
Expenditure July – Sept 2021: Campaign Coordinator; Communications Retainer; electorate packs$81,800

Support Investing in social and affordable housing

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