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Climate Action Network Australia

Focused and impactful community advocacy to mitigate climate impacts

Focused and impactful community advocacy to mitigate climate impacts

Climate change is having severe impacts in Australia. During the 2019/20 bushfires, 80% of Australians were affected directly or indirectly, one billion anima...

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01/11/2020 > 30/04/2021


  • Environment conservation & climate change
  • Civic engagement & leadership


  • General population


Climate change is having severe impacts in Australia. During the 2019/20 bushfires, 80% of Australians were affected directly or indirectly, one billion animals were killed, 5,900 buildings were destroyed and 34 people perished. Fires, storms, flooding and other catastrophic climatic events have elevated community awareness of the urgent need for policies and programs to minimise climate change.

This project will focus on these impacts as a way of making climate change real, to provide people with a sense of community, and mechanisms to channel their calls for change into effective political action on climate change.

This project will work with CANA’s member organisations to coordinate civil society efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change. We will engage our grassroots network and local communities nationwide to create a groundswell of impacted communities demanding government action on climate change.

We aim to establish a working group, convene a series of webinars, link national and state-based organisations, small and grassroots climate action groups, and equip them with coherent evidence and robust communications strategies. This leadership and coordination will amplify the call for leadership to avert catastrophic climate change and maximise pressure on elected representatives and industry.


The project will strengthen the climate action policies and programs of Australian governments (state and Commonwealth) by amplifying and aligning community advocacy. It will highlight the causal relationship between climate change, fires, flooding and heatwaves during the 2020-21 summer and centre the voices of communities most directly impacted, transforming concern and outrage into impactful advocacy.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has side-stepped the need for strong climate action. Prime Minister Morrison now advocates stimulus funding targeting the gas and coal industries, further fuelling climate change. Government policies are increasingly at odds with community concerns.

Project activities will include:
* Convene Climate Impacts Working Group, meeting monthly November to April with the active participation of 15-20 civil society organisations
* Host 5 webinars to equip 100 community leaders with the latest scientific evidence and arguments and provide expert guidance regarding communication strategy
* Establish and energise dynamic communication channels to strengthen information exchange and collaboration between climate action and other civil society organisations
* Provide individualised support to group convenors and advocates, including coaching and communication support.

Success indicators:
* Dialogue and cooperation between diverse civil society groups
* Alignment of advocacy efforts around agreed/priority policies
* Engagement and influence with targeted representatives
* mainstream media commentary that amplifies the voices of impacted communities, linking climate change, fire and other natural disasters
* apply pressure to the federal government to acknowledge the link between climate change and extreme bushfires, and to take action to reduce our emissions.

Profile of Climate Action Network Australia

Climate Action Network Australia

Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) works to support our members and allies to take actions to protect people at home and abroad from climate change, to safeguard our natural environment, and to build a fair, clean, healthy Australia for everyone.

CANA is the ‘network infrastructure’ for the climate movement. We bring together over 100 member organisations from across a broad spectrum of civil society. Our members include the biggest environment groups, development groups, think tanks, activist organisations, through to small community based groups. By working with our members we have the ability to strengthen and deepen the climate agenda, working collaboratively and strategically for greatest impact.

CANA has built a team with substantial political, policy and organising expertise. We work with our members to develop shared strategy, to develop and implement campaigns and to share resources. We work in the areas of fossil fuels, energy and climate politics including ensuring that the Covid recovery embraces renewable energy and clean jobs. We coordinated our members’ work on bushfire impacts over the 2019/20 summer, and hope to strengthen our work on climate impacts, building impactful advocacy to increase community understanding of the causal relationship between climate change, bushfires, heatwaves, floods and storms. This will involve working with communities to increase their resilience and amplify their voices, calling for swift and decisive climate action.


Funding sourceAmount
CANA member group contributions$30,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$20,000
Expense itemAmount
Project coordinator / Climate Impacts campaigner (6 months 0.6 basis)$35,000
Admin support including subscriptions for media monitoring, Slack and Zoom$10,000
Webinar promotion and logistics$5,000

Support Focused and impactful community advocacy to mitigate climate impacts

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