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Aboriginal Child Family and Community Care State Secretariat (AbSec)

Meeting Aboriginal community needs during COVID-19

Meeting Aboriginal community needs during COVID-19

AbSec is seeking funding to direct to Aboriginal family and child organisations across NSW in need as a result of the pandemic crisis....



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01/07/2020 > 31/12/2020


  • Supporting Indigenous Communities - Sector / workforce capacity building
  • Supporting Indigenous Communities - Indigenous leadership and self-determination


  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples


AbSec is seeking funding to direct to Aboriginal family and child organisations across NSW in need as a result of the pandemic crisis.

When COVID-19 hit, we knew the impact on Aboriginal communities, who already experience heightened vulnerabilities, would be particularly adverse. To effectively respond we reached out individually to all known 39 Aboriginal family and child organisations in NSW to hear from them what they needed. After these conversations we successfully reallocated $326,000 of government funding to transform our grants program to support the needs identified by Aboriginal organisations.

Organisations asked for a range of resources to improve care and service delivery including:
– Client support (care and wellbeing packages, PPE equipment to enable access)
– Technology assistance (WiFi, phones for clients to keep accessing services)
– Upskilling and/or reskilling of staff to new forms of service delivery (online tools)
– Enabling education (delivering resources to homes with students)

There is a $146,000 funding shortfall between funds allocated and the ask of community organisations. We have generously received $100,000 from the CAGES Foundation and are now seeking contributions from ACF.

At AbSec we are an Aboriginal organisation – we live it, we breathe it. All contributions towards the grant round will go directly to Aboriginal community organisations so they have the resources to do what’s best for their children and families throughout this crisis and beyond.


When you put control in the hands of Aboriginal people, you get solutions that work for Aboriginal children, families and communities. Aboriginal community organisations in NSW are seeking a range of community specific outcomes.

Examples include:
- Improved attendance at education centres due to accessibility of personal protective equipment
- Improved client engagement with services due to technology access
- Improved health and wellbeing of families through delivery of care packages and other socially distant support tools

Through AbSec’s grant program more broadly we anticipate outcomes to include:
- NSW Aboriginal family and child sector is resourced to respond to needs in community
- Aboriginal family and children remain engaged with their local agency in spite of the crisis
- Over long term improved social and health indicators for Aboriginal children and families in NSW
As the state peak we have the sector understanding and relationships to ensure funded organisations are undertaking effective programs and achieving intended outcomes.

Profile of Aboriginal Child Family and Community Care State Secretariat (AbSec)

Aboriginal Child Family and Community Care State Secretariat (AbSec)

AbSec’s vision is to create a world where all Aboriginal children and young people are looked after in safe, thriving Aboriginal families and communities. We want our young people to be raised strong in spirit and identity, with every opportunity for lifelong wellbeing and connection to culture, surrounded by holistic supports.

We work with Aboriginal communities and partners to strengthen and support Aboriginal children, families, communities and organisations. We do this through working towards achieving self-determination for all Aboriginal people and communities, supporting Aboriginal organisations to deliver quality, holistic supports for Aboriginal children, families and carers and young people. In addition to this, we advocate to government for the solutions that allow our young people and communities to thrive.

As a part of our work strengthening the sector we provide a small grants program designed to build capacity and facilitate organisational growth for Aboriginal child and family organisations across NSW.


TOTAL BUDGET: $472,000
Funding sourceAmount
Reallocated government funding$326,000
CAGES Foundation$100,000
Snow Foundation (confirmed)$20,000
Other philanthropic funding (unconfirmed)$6,000
Funding Gap (unconfirmed)$20,000
Expense itemAmount
Funding to Aboriginal family and child organisations$472,000

Support Meeting Aboriginal community needs during COVID-19

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