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Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic)

New Pathways to Support: Family Violence Response in COVID-19

New Pathways to Support: Family Violence Response in COVID-19

In the context of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the New Pathways to Support project will enable DV Vic and DVRCV to lead the development and implementation o...



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  • Tackling Inequality


  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability
  • Women and girls


In the context of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the New Pathways to Support project will enable DV Vic and DVRCV to lead the development and implementation of new pathways for victim survivors to access FV crisis support, through the production of resources and establishment of new partnerships with front line services and sectors.

The Covid-19 global pandemic is creating unique conditions for increased family violence risk and barriers to seeking support for victim survivors. Evidence about increased family violence demand and risk in the aftermath of natural disasters and disruptions to public life, as well as emerging international evidence as this current pandemic unfolds, demonstrates there will be a significant rise in the onset, frequency and severity of family violence and commensurate demand for  specialist family violence services.

Given the current barriers to seeking support, it is critical that the family violence sector engages with new and emerging front line services that will continue to have contact with the public, and these diverse workforces are able to recognise and respond to family violence. These new and emerging frontline services include pharmacies, supermarkets, taxi and other transport options, childcare centres, hairdressers, banks, superannuation companies, utilities companies, etc.

Building upon work with the Victoria Government, this project will develop and disseminate resources to new and existing partners and key stakeholders, with a focus on accessibility for Victorians from diverse backgrounds.

This project is under consideration by members of the Family Violence Philanthropy Collaboration Project Funders Group and will be a co-funded initiative.


Success will be measured by:

Resource Development:
• Resources developed through the project in consultation with project partners are provided in 4 multi-lingual options and a high visual format, according to demographic needs across regions
• Resource development and distribution is targeted according to expertise provided by the partner specialist organisations listed, and measured by the feedback provided by them

Brokering & resourcing community partnerships with the specialist family violence sector
• New partnerships will be established across the state and across sectors and services, evidenced by MOU and partnership agreements, engagement in project activities, distribution of resources and feedback provided from these stakeholders.
• Family Violence services including Orange Door sites report increased referrals and increased secondary consult contacts from new sectors and services.

Resourcing specialist organisations to input expertise about working with diverse client groups – and supporting dissemination of outputs through their networks and services
• Specialist services with expertise in working with diverse client groups will be consulted at key stages in project planning and delivery, including resource development. This will be measured by the feedback received from these organisations.

Supporting advice and coordination to emerging innovative practice within the sector
• Innovations in practice are evidence based, consistent with the DV Vic Code of Practice and MARAM guideline and supported to be utilised consistently across the State. This will be evidenced in practice guidance provided to DV Vic members and in feedback received through caucusing with DV Vic members and community of practice communication channels.

Profile of Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic)

Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic)

Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic) is the peak body for specialist family violence services for women and children in Victoria. We are an independent, non-government organisation. Our vision is for a world where women and children can live fulfilled lives, free from fear and violence.

To achieve this we:
- advocate and provide advice to government with and on behalf of our members
- lead innovation and influence policy, legislation and community attitudes
- work with our members to strengthen specialist family violence practice and build the capacity of human services
- work respectfully and collaboratively with all our partners.


The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) is a state-wide specialist family violence organisation. For over 30 years we have been working towards our vision of creating a world in which women and their children are thriving, respected and free from violence.

We adopt a dual approach towards ending violence; focusing not only how to effectively respond to violence against women, but also what can be done to prevent it before it occurs.


TOTAL BUDGET: $275,000
Funding sourceAmount
Equity Trustees$50,000
William Buckland Foundation$50,000
Lord Mayors Charitable Fund$30,000
Barlow Foundation$25,000
Erdi Foundation $20,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$100,000
Expense itemAmount
Project management and delivery$120,000
External specialist consultation and partnership resourcing$70,000
Resource development and production$95,000

Support New Pathways to Support: Family Violence Response in COVID-19

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