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St. Merkorious Charity

Post-COVID Christmas Cheer For The Homeless

Post-COVID Christmas Cheer For The Homeless

St Merkorious will host a Christmas Dinner for our homeless, rough sleeper, and at-risk of homelessness clients. The dinner will include a hot meal, Christmas...

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14/11/2021 > 24/12/2021


  • Individual/family services & support


  • People experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability


St Merkorious will host a Christmas Dinner for our homeless, rough sleeper, and at-risk of homelessness clients. The dinner will include a hot meal, Christmas carol sing-a-long, a raffle, Christmas hamper giveaway, games, etc.

Our attendees will also have opportunities to get free grooming services at the event. If COVID-safe, we will invite a local community choir to sing Christmas carols and songs at the Christmas Dinner to further create Christmas cheer. We will hire buses that will take our clients from across Greater Sydney to our Christmas Dinner location, making sure that all our clients have an opportunity to join in our Christmas celebrations.

The last two years have been tough, and our homeless and rough sleeper clients have especially suffered as they try to keep up with strict COVID mandates and uncertainty. They have also suffered a loss of community, with social distancing measures preventing community meals and other similar events from happening. With our Christmas Dinner project, we want to give them a chance to connect and reconnect with new and familiar faces, sharing in their experience, and reignite their sense of connection and belonging to the community with a friendly smile and a caring hand.


We anticipate that our project will hugely benefit our homeless, rough sleeper, and at-risk of homelessness clients physically and mentally. The hot meals we provide are nutritious and delicious, and grooming services will allow them to maintain their hygiene and their sense of dignity. Sharing a communal meal in a warm and friendly space, with raffles and games and live music, will lift our clients’ spirits and allow them to feel acceptance and belonging. Christmas hampers and gifts will also be shared, which will further support our clients beyond the dinner, and give them strength and hope for a brighter 2022.

Our project will also benefit the wider community, with additional volunteering opportunities available to prepare and pack Christmas hampers and meals. The event itself will provide volunteering opportunities as well in setting up the event, maintaining and up keeping any social distancing measures required, signing in and registering clients as per NSW Government health orders, serving meals and cleaning up, etc. Our grooming services too are provided by volunteers, who are glad to help decrease hygiene poverty in all our clients.

For St Merkorious, this event will give us opportunities to reactivate sponsorships made reluctant from continued COVID lockdowns to help us sustain and grow our capacity in 2022. This project can also generate increased interest in the public to support our work at St Merkorious, and strengthen our existing relationships with our clients to highlight that we are one community and that we are here for each other

Profile of St. Merkorious Charity

St. Merkorious Charity

St Merkorious Charity was founded with a vision is to tackle poverty from the root. Our main mission is to relieve hunger and food insecurity by providing nutritious food, clothing, and hygiene products to empower communities in need with a caring hand. We provide 2500+ nutritious and delicious meals weekly to disadvantaged clients across Greater Sydney, such as homeless, CALD, migrants and refugees, Indigenous Australians, and all other disadvantaged communities.

Our food services include delivering food hampers and hot meals to clients in a private, discreet and supportive way. We hold regular community meals across Greater Sydney to give our homeless and other disadvantaged clients a chance to share meals, chat, and feel connected. Opportunities to shower and get free hairdressing services help them maintain their dignity. We also provide raffles, games, teach nutritional facts and provide other fun activities to maintain a sense of community and hope. Our successful Breakfast Club at Bass Hill High School helped increase student engagement in their studies and school community.

Through our work, St Merkorious also aims to shine a light on the overlooked topic of food insecurity in Australia. Pre-COVID, 13% of Australians experienced food insecurity, and COVID caused an additional 1.4million Australians to need food support. We are passionate about giving our clients hope and supporting their way to stability, and we want to share that vision with the world.


Funding sourceAmount
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$5,500
St Merkorious$200
St Merkorious - in kind$11,450
Food donations from food donors Foodbank, Second Bite, OzHarvest, Flemington Markets$750
Expense itemAmount
Christmas hampers ($21/hamper x 120)$2,520
Chair hire ($1.50/chair x 150)$225
Trestle table hire ($13.5/table x 15)$203
Venue hire and decorations$800
Transport and Delivery costs + Fuel dockets for event volunteers$250
Project admin and oversight$500
Bus hire$252
St Merkorious - Chef wages ($50/hr x 4hrs)$200
St Merkorious in kind - event volunteers ($25/hr x 30 volunteers x 5 hrs), warehouse volunteers – packing and loading meals, preparing and packing Christmas hampers, etc. ($25/hr x 20 volunteers x 15hrs), kitchenhand volunteers ($25/hr x 2 volunteers x 4hrs)$11,450

Support Post-COVID Christmas Cheer For The Homeless

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