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Refugee Legal

The Afghanistan Crisis

The Afghanistan Crisis

The devastating takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban we are witnessing now carries deep distress and trauma for many of our clients and communities here....

25/08/2021 > 31/08/2022


  • Individual/family services & support
  • Social Inclusion and Justice


  • Asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and people from CALD backgrounds


The devastating takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban we are witnessing now carries deep distress and trauma for many of our clients and communities here.

We continue to hear from members of the Afghan community of the fear, the distress and the dangers which grip the country now.  

We’re receiving calls from people across Australia seeking help with evacuating families from Afghanistan to safety, and with remaining safely in Australia.

We have urgently commenced assisting people here and in Afghanistan to respond to this crisis.

This help has included:

  • Providing legal advice, assistance and information to people in Afghanistan who want to evacuate to Australia.
    In doing this, we are working closely with NGOs, including aid and development agencies.
  • Providing legal advice and assistance to people in Australia on bringing family members from Afghanistan, or third countries, to Australia.
  • Providing legal assistance to Afghans in Australia who have been refused refugee protection and are seeking reassessment of their protections claims.
  • Providing information sessions on the current situation and how to apply for legal help.
  • Strategic advice for change in policy in response to the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan.


We have already commenced helping people who are impacted by this crisis with legal assistance and information. Additional funding to boost administration, paralegal, and legal resources will assist us to ramp up our assistance to the many people in need contacting us for help.

Profile of Refugee Legal

Refugee Legal

We are Australia’s largest provider of free specialist legal assistance to people seeking asylum, refugees and disadvantaged migrants.
We advise, assist, educate and advocate.
Their greatest need is for legal permission to stay in safety in Australia, and to reunite with family. That’s what we focus on.

Our distinctive approach combines legal assistance that is both direct and strategic.

Refugee Legal provides substantial legal advice and casework service for asylum seekers, refugees and disadvantaged migrants in the community and in immigration detention in Victoria and across Australia. Last year our total client assistance waas 14,285. The legal services we provide include:

- Telephone Advice Line
- Evening Advice Service
- Day time casework, including full legal representation
- Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) Clinics
- Strategic ‘test case’ litigation
- Client and community information sessions

All of Refugee Legal advice and casework and strategic litigation services are free.


Funding sourceAmount
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$50,000
Expense itemAmount
Project costs (incl. legal advice, information sessions, strategic advice)$50,000

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