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The Warrior Woman Foundation

The Young Warrior Woman Program

The Young Warrior Woman Program

Our flagship program, the Young Warrior Woman Program (YWWP) is a mentoring and psycho-educational program providing connection, education, and support for yo...

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  • Social inclusion & justice
  • Education & training


  • Women and girls
  • People experiencing or at risk of homelessness


Our flagship program, the Young Warrior Woman Program (YWWP) is a mentoring and psycho-educational program providing connection, education, and support for young women 15-25 years of age transitioning from out of home care into independent living, and who are at high risk of homelessness due to the lack of a stable adult in their life.

Based on the principals of the Self Determination Theory, the YWWP is designed to reduce the stress involved in leaving care, learning to live autonomously, and preparing for adulthood by providing:

  • connection with a safe, stable, and socially inclusive network of women to turn to for advice, support, and guidance
  • life skills education to learn to live independently
  • skills to build resilience, self-determination, and autonomy
  • aid in finding safe and stable accommodation
  • aid in finding the right education and training and employment
  • aid in finding regular welfare/health support

We call our mentees “Young Warriors”. Each Young Warrior is supported by a group of mentors who we call “Wise Warriors”. These are caring, positive, and stable female role models from the local community who provide support, guidance and impart the wisdom of life experience. Additionally, our Young Warriors are supported by a group of peers called “Kindred Warriors.” These are young women who have had life experience in foster/state care and have successfully transitioned into adulthood.

Together mentors and mentees attend an intensive and structured six-month program (April-September) consisting of fortnightly life skills education workshops, transformative presentations from inspirational speakers who have overcome personal adversity, and psycho-educational group therapy sessions to learn self-regulation. Additionally, each young woman participates in weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions which are useful for revisiting goals or to generally ‘check in’. Mentors undergo thorough screening and intensive training prior to meeting their mentees.


After the program, our “Young Warriors” will have achieved/or have the knowledge and skills to achieve the following:

Independent personal identity
Clear goals for present and future trajectory of education, training, and employment
Safe, stable place to call home with the ability to meet their own basic needs
Sense of belonging as part of the ongoing support of The Warrior Woman Foundation tribe
The knowledge and ability to manage money and save for a financially secure future
The skills to run a household
The skills to travel autonomously via public transport
Strong links with health professionals and ongoing mental health support
The ability to identify and retain healthy stable relationships
The knowledge of legal rights and where to get support
Increased resilience
Increased confidence through autonomy
Positively contributing members of the community
Hope for the future.

Profile of The Warrior Woman Foundation

The Warrior Woman Foundation

The Warrior Woman Foundation is a new grassroots charity founded by social entrepreneur and NSW Australian of the Year finalist Jessica Brown in March 2020 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW to address the growing need to support vulnerable young women 15-25 years of age before leaving the out-of-home care system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Representing one of Australia's most vulnerable groups these young women historically have a 50% chance of becoming homeless, in trouble with the law, unemployed and a first-time parent within a year of leaving care. Our mission is to support these vulnerable young women to become resilient, independent and capable of taking their place in the world as they transition into adulthood. More than ever they need our help.

Our flagship program, the Young Warrior Woman Program is designed to minimise the stress these young women may be experiencing navigating life without the necessary support of a positive role model to guide them. We have a three-tiered holistic approach to our program delivery focusing on connection, support, and education. This is based on the three principals of the " Self Determination Theory" which is particularly relevant for youth leaving care. Self-Determination Theory emphasises the importance of fulfilling three simultaneous needs: relatedness (connection), autonomy (life skills education), and competence (support). The Warrior Woman Foundation also uses a theory driven approach and evidence-based practice based on the Model of Youth Mentoring (Rhodes 2005) " Close, enduring mentoring relationships influence youth outcomes through social/emotional, cognitive, and identity development."

The Warrior Woman Foundation was formed to bring like-minded women together to identify and create ways to support the young women of Australia who are our future, ensuring they are seen, heard and valued. We are a strong and active women’s support movement of positive women who are mothers, business owners, community leaders, as well as advocates for the advancement of women in Australia.

The Warrior Woman Foundation is a socially inclusive organisation welcoming young women from all nationalities and religions to join a network of women passionate about helping other women. We are an Australian charity and Public Benevolent Institution which contributes to the health and well-being of the Australian community.We are not affiliated with any religious or political organisations. We are governed by a volunteer board of community leaders representing a cross section of society and are presently 100% run by volunteers.


Funding sourceAmount
Sisters of Charity Foundation (unconfirmed)$15,000
The Chapman Family Donation$5,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$35,210
Expense itemAmount
10 life skills workshops$2,500
10 psycho-educational workshops$4,500
10 overcoming adversity workshops$4,750
Workshop materials$4,140
Venue hire$3,500
Team building activities$3,600
Mentor Excellence training program$7,720

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