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Things Will Be Different

Things Will Be Different

Secure housing is fundamental to a good life in which ties of belonging can be established and sustained, however housing is increasingly being removed from ...

26/08/2020 > 31/08/2021


  • Tackling Inequality


  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability
  • Asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and people from CALD backgrounds


Secure housing is fundamental to a good life in which ties of belonging can be established and sustained, however housing is increasingly being removed from this purpose. In the face of a homelessness crisis, Victoria’s public housing stock is currently being sold to private developers.

By 2025 an estimated one-third of the world’s city dwellers will struggle to secure affordable housing. In the midst of this housing crisis, 11 public housing estates in Melbourne have been sold for private redevelopment.

Redevelopments displace current public housing tenants, causing strain on people’s mental and physical health, and do nothing to address the decrease in accessible or affordable housing. This film and impact campaign aims to reduce stigma toward public housing and humanise those who rely on it, so that public housing and its tenants are seen as valuable to our communities.

The people living in the housing estates are being relocated and have been promised the right to return to the estates once redeveloped. Things Will Be Different is a feature length documentary that captures the effect this displacement has on two families living at the Walker Street Housing Estate in Westgarth – Will a 50 year old housing activist, and Najat a single migrant mother with 4 children.

Things Will Be Different shows the richness of the people, communities and support that can exist within public housing. It documents how life altering circumstances can be thrust upon anybody and how public housing is essential to ensure that people in difficult circumstances can access safe and meaningful lives.

This documentary showcases how public housing provides a vital role in housing security for all, and aims to inspire a social movement raising awareness of housing justice issues and resolutions.

See here for a teaser of the film.


Things Will Be Different and the impact campaign aims to reduce stigma towards public housing estates and tenants. It will show that public housing is a critical component to secure housing for low to middle income people and that it plays a vital role in preserving social and ethnic diversity by ensuring that marginalised groups have access to the city.

The film and impact campaign will ask audiences to follow our social media pages to stay informed about housing justice campaigns that support an increase in public housing stock in Victoria. It will also ask audiences to join or form Public Housing resident and supporters groups in their local areas.

- Short-term outcomes: Motivate and mobilize diverse groups of people to engage with housing justice.
- Medium-term outcomes: Reduce stigma towards people living in public housing, and debunk the myth that concentrated disadvantage creates ghettoisation.
- Long-term outcomes: Increased housing security and public housing stock in Victoria

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Funding sourceAmount
Scarlet's Fund (ACF Sub fund)$5,000
Other donations (Arts and film grants)$10,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$15,000
Expense itemAmount
Admin $500
Distribution/Impact Campaign$17,250

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