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Stand Tall

Virtual Stand Tall – national access

Virtual Stand Tall – national access

Due to current restrictions on group gatherings in response to COVID-19, Stand Tall have developed an online digital alternative and will livestream our event...

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01/04/2020 > 31/08/2020


  • Tackling Inequality - Health and wellbeing


  • Young people (6-25)
  • General population


Due to current restrictions on group gatherings in response to COVID-19, Stand Tall have developed an online digital alternative and will livestream our event. With a proactive, growth-mindset, our hardworking founders and volunteers now see this as an opportunity to reach thousands of young people – to maintain positive wellbeing dialogues at a time of increased distress and disruption.

Our program will proceed as an easy-to-access, virtual event, streamed to all interested secondary schools and students – anywhere in Australia. This can be accessed on devices at home (if isolation continues), or within in-school environments. This will further allow us to plan, test and measure the success of this initiative for longer-term streaming into ‘hard to reach’ or isolated communities, into the future.

Our program has been academically evaluated with proven impacts, and is based on co-design with psychology and education experts, with input from young people. Sessions will include content by young role models (athletes, musicians, performers and young entrepreneurs with powerful stories). Funding support will be channeled into staffing capacity, content adaptation, speakers and online facilitation.

Stand Tall addresses topics such as: mental illness; suicidality; substance abuse; bullying; negative risk taking; and relationship problems. It encourages positive behaviours such as self-care, goal setting, peer support and help seeking. Stand Tall’s virtual program will maintain wellbeing dialogues to ensure that the physical, mental and social wellbeing of young people is not forgotten during this challenging time.


Stand Tall anticipates the following outcomes for young people, aged 13-17 years, through engagement with the virtual event:

1. Connection and engagement with positive content during a challenging time - inspiring resilience and promoting protective factors;
2. Improved help seeking behaviours and connection with support pathways;
3. Belief in the ability to overcome adversity; and
4. Inspired decision making and hope for a positive future.

Stand Tall uses the following independently evaluated results as a benchmark for impact:
- More than 88% of students rate Stand Tall as being ‘Highly Positive;
- 83.5% of participants are increasingly ready to make a positive change in their lives;
- 74.3% of students were feeling substantially to significantly ‘more hopeful’ about their futures (comparative to an external national baseline of 45%, Gallup Poll 2016).

Stand Tall aims to benefit the wellbeing, mental health, safety and potential of young participants. This is achieved in response to alarming figures that suggest 1/7 young people experiences a mental health concern (AIHW, 2018). The RMIT Health Index acknowledges that the point of decline towards the occurrence of mental ill health, most commonly commences in adolescence. The Virtual Stand Tall Event will be a relevant, timely and well-received preventative wellbeing program that responds to community need.

Quantitative data will assess: 1. Engagement; 2. Intentions - behavioural change; and 3. ‘Hope Index’. Online analytics will also be assessed to determine access and reach. Feedback loop with teachers and families will guide delivery.

Stand Tall aims to bring hope and inspiration to young people, empowering them to make safe and wise choices as they navigate the often challenging teenage years. This is achieved through experiential events, camps and resources aimed at secondary school students (aged 13-17 years).

Our program focuses on the overall safety and happiness of young people, as preventative action against mental ill health, suicidality and negative behaviours that present a risk to wellbeing. Our aims are: to build resilience factors; and to role model positive behaviours and pathways for young people facing life challenges - to improve their situation and reach their potential.

Stand Tall’s marquee event – typically held in Sydney each June - is Australia’s largest youth wellbeing event and is run almost entirely by volunteers. This year’s event was to be attended by 9,000 young people and teachers. Due to COVID-19, all Stand Tall physical events have been cancelled and will be modified for virtual delivery. Our focus has shifted to the implementation of alternate delivery modes, so that young people do not miss out on the benefits of our program.

Stand tall offers health education content that is safe, fun and engaging, and which complements national curriculum and school wellbeing resources. This is of particular importance during times of hardship and uncertainty. In 2020 Stand Tall will pursue the delivery of a Virtual Stand Tall event program, which will be made available to all interested High School students and teachers – free of charge.


Funding sourceAmount
NSW Government$20,000
March Fundraising Dinner$29,000
Youth Ambassador Fundraiser$1,000
Other Grants (unconfirmed)$10,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$23,500
Expense itemAmount
Staffing support$20,000
Speakers and facilitation$25,000
Production costs$10,000
IT and online costs$7,000
Content adaptation$5,000
Schools/Student engagement (National)$5,000
Monitoring and evaluation$2,500

Support Virtual Stand Tall – national access

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