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Please describe the purpose and goals of your project, and whether it contributed to a broader program or organisational goal.

Primary Area of Focus

What is the primary area of focus for your organisation's work? Please choose a broad area of focus then select a more specific area from the options that appear.

Primary Area Level 1 *

Tackling Inequality
Strengthening Democracy
Supporting Indigenous Communities
Safeguarding the Environment
Building A Culturally Vibrant Society

Secondary Area of Focus

If your organisation has a secondary area of focus, please select the broad area of focus from Level 1 and the more specific level of focus from Level 2.

Secondary Area Level 1

Tackling Inequality
Strengthening Democracy
Supporting Indigenous Communities
Safeguarding the Environment
Building A Culturally Vibrant Society

Location of Activities


Tell us about the people who have benefited from this grant

What age group(s) benefited from this grant? *

Early years (0-5)
Youth (6-25)
Adults (26-64)
Seniors (65+)
General population

Was there a specific gender focus of your grant? *

Diverse gender identity and sexual characteristics
No specific gender focus

What is the primary population group that benefited from this grant? *

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
Asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and people from CALD backgrounds
Flora / fauna (for environmental projects)
General population
LGBTQI people
People experiencing or at risk of homelessness
People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability
People with a disability, illness or disease
Professional workforce
Unemployed people
Not applicable
The primary population group is the largest and/or most significant group that benefited from your activities.

How many people were reached in this population group?

If your grant provided products or services to individuals, please tell us how many you reached. If you know the number of people but do not know whether they were female, male or of gender diverse identity, please include the number in the Unknown field. If do you not know how many people your grant reached, enter 0 in the unknown field. If you would like to provide an explanation of your entry, use the comment box available at the end of this section.




Diverse gender identity and sexual characteristics

Did this grant target another population group in addition to the one identified above? *


Additional Comments

If you would like to provide any comments on the population groups this grant benefited, please do so here.


Tell us about your grant's achievements

What did you do? (150 – 250 words) *

What activities did you undertake? When and where did they happen? Who was involved? Maximum 250 words.

What difference did it make? (150 – 250 words) *

Please describe any changes that have occurred as a result of this grant (for instance, any changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours, policies, processes, etc.). Please describe how your activities contributed to these changes. Maximum 250 words.

What did you learn? (150 – 250 words) *

What worked well, what didn't, and why? What will you be improving in the future? Maximum 250 words.

To what extent did this grant contribute to achieving your program or organisational goal(s)? *

Very little – we would have achieved our goals anyway
Moderately – we probably would have achieved our goals anyway but this grant got us there more quickly and/or helped us achieve more
To a great extent – it's unlikely we would have achieved our goals without this grant

Upload any relevant media

We would love to receive any photos, stories or media clips we can use to share the results of your work with our donors and the general public.

Please note that we will assume you have received informed consent to use any of the images and stories you provide.

Tell us about your grant's finances

What was the size of your grant?

Please provide dollar value in numbers, e.g. 15000.

Was this grant part of a larger project or program? *


Please submit a copy of the financial acquittal for your grant.

The acquittal should include the grant income received and a breakdown of expenses by budget item. You can use your own acquittal format or the one we provided in the email we sent you with this report link. If you did not receive a financial acquittal template, you can download a copy by clicking the link above the purple help box.

Did you spend the grant as intended?

No, there were some changes

Is there anything else you would like us to know about this grant?


What's Next?

Please describe any future plans you would like us to know about


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