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Beyond grantmaking: Meet Louise Kuramoto, Head of Philanthropic Services

Profile of Nicole Richards
Written by Nicole RichardsPosted on 30/3/2021

As Head of Philanthropic Services, Louise Kuramoto oversees every aspect of the giving experience for donors at Australian Communities Foundation.

With extensive sector experience that includes roles at a global non-profit organisation, a family office and a philanthropic trust, Louise’s understanding of both sides of the giving equation helps elevate the donor experience beyond transactional grantmaking.

“Meeting our donors and connecting their passions to giving strategies that help them achieve their goals in the issue areas that matter most to them is absolutely the best part of my role,” Louise says.

With an analytical eye and her reputation as an accomplished problem solver, Louise’s ability to assess any situation and find (or build) effective pathways is second to none.

“I have an enquiring mind, so I always want to understand the crux of an issue or a challenge,” she explains. “There are always workable solutions to any problem, but sometimes it takes a different pathway to achieve shared positive outcomes with your giving.”

“Understanding the intent behind a donor’s passion and working with the team here to bring that philanthropic vision to life is what we do best.”

Louise and the Philanthropy and Impact team walk alongside donors on every step of the giving journey, stewarding them from their earliest forays in structured giving to sharing the knowledge and celebrating the achievements of experienced givers.

“I fell in love with philanthropy’s potential to create change,” Louise explains. “It brings me so much joy to see people who are new to structured giving get started and experience that same feeling.”

Louise and her family

“There’s a lot of respect within all our relationships,” Louise says.

“As a values-driven organisation, Australian Communities Foundation is deeply committed to promoting the voices of the community and connecting them with our grant partners and our community of givers – it’s something that really sets us apart from a lot of other organisations.”

Louise describes her growing team of philanthropy experts who span evaluation and impact measurement through to grants support and administration as “dedicated high achievers.”

“We are a team that likes to break new ground, to raise the bar on best practice philanthropy and achieve real impact on progressive issues,” she says.

“We’re always striving for what comes next and ensuring that everything we’re practicing and everything we’re advising our donors to do is at the forefront of new thinking in philanthropy. I’d like to think that we’re doing our part to help shift the sector to where it needs to move to. It’s why I love working here.”