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Donor Survey 2017: Results

There were a number of interesting findings from the Donor Survey this year. Here are the key highlights:

  • ACF donors are very happy with the service, with 93% indicating they were quite satisfied (38%) or very satisfied (55%).  The likelihood to recommend ACF was also exceptionally high at 93%,with 69% very likely and 24% likely to recommend us. There were some comments regarding improvements to the website and media presence, which have been incorporated into a strategy currently being drafted.
  • A majority of donors  felt that they had more to learn about philanthropy, with 59% saying they are ‘developing experience’. There was a strong interest in learning more about: emerging grant making approaches or other forms of philanthropy such as impact investing and collective giving (44%); issues/challenges facing Australian communities (38%); and effective philanthropic/grantmaking practice (33%). These results will inform our donor event programming for the coming year.
  • It was clear that donors are very supportive of strengthening ACF’s ethical investment strategy with 98% preferring active investments that take into consideration environmental, social and governance factors and/or exclude investments that have the potential to have an adverse social or environmental impact.  This mandate will drive ACF to continue working towards an Invest/Divest global commitment.
  • There is potential to grow the giving circles with 33% already engaged and 35% interested in engaging. With particular interest in current giving circles: environment (43%), Indigenous (41%) and human rights and refugees (38%). There was also a strong interest in giving circles that could tackle poverty and inequality (59%), women and girls (43%) and democracy (35%). This data will inform our giving circle program development.
  • There is work to raise awareness about the Impact Fund, with 38% of donors familiar with the fund and 13% involved in its events. We received many supportive comments  that it was “fantastic” and an “excellent initiative” and that “I am very pleased that this exists! I think its very important to be able to engage in this kind of activity to tackle major systemic issues” which has been very encouraging.
  • There was a positive response to bequest planning with 34% leaving a bequest to their sub fund and 39% considering it. An overwhelming 83% said they would like ACF to contact them about bequest planning.