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Professional Advisors

Supporting your clients to give strategically

Your trusted philanthropic services partner

Australian Communities Foundation partners with professional advisors, including financial planners, wealth managers, lawyers and accountants, to provide philanthropic services that help clients achieve their charitable giving goals.

When you partner with us, you can retain complete control of your client relationships or we can offer advice directly. Our services are tailored to complement the support you already provide. Contact us below for a conversation

Why partner with us?

Because you know your clients and we know philanthropy


We are uniquely placed to provide world-class philanthropic solutions and services combined with a deep understanding of the Australian community.


Since 1997, we have partnered with advisors to help their clients achieve financial planning objectives and charitable giving goals with tax advantages. From establishing giving structures to building your clients’ legacies and advising on their granting, we act as your team’s trusted philanthropic advisor.


We work in partnership with you, either in the background supporting you to have the conversation with your clients, or we can offer advice directly. However you prefer to partner, we will always respect and work within the relationships you have established.


“What Australian Communities Foundation offers is accessible philanthropy with the administrative burden taken care of so that our clients can focus on what’s important, which is giving the money away effectively.”

Chris Wilson, Koda Capital


“I recommend Australian Communities Foundation to my clients because the team has deep expertise in this area… that gives me the confidence to refer my clients… and it’s a very cost-effective, flexible giving solution.”

George Krithis, DFS Advisory Services

Support for Professional Advisors

We are your trusted philanthropic services referral partner who effectively and efficiently provides: 



Products that enable your clients to structure their giving, including Named Funds and Private Foundations

Learn more about Structures



Services to support your clients in maximising their impact and achieving their giving goals

Learn more about Services



Tools and educational opportunities to support you and your team in providing the right advice to your clients

Learn more about Solutions

Support for your clients


There are a variety of ways your clients can structure their giving. The right solution needs to consider their goals, scale, timeline, values, tax implications and more. Members of our team are experts in identifying the appropriate structure for a variety of circumstances. Popular structures include, but are not limited to:

Named Funds: The easiest and most accessible way to structure your clients’ giving. Otherwise known as donor-advised funds.

Private Foundations (PAFs): Ideal for those who want to manage their own investments. Otherwise known as private ancillary funds.

Gifts in Will: Leaving a gift or bequest can help support causes or non-profit organisations your clients care about beyond their lifetime. Not everyone feels they are able to give during their lifetime and may prefer to create a legacy that starts after their death.

Learn more about Starting a Fund or Foundation


To support our community of givers, Australian Communities Foundation provides a variety of services, including:

  • Tailoring giving plans and strategies

  • Taking care of the governance, administration and compliance

  • Connecting with local causes, programs or charities and offering inside knowledge on those doing impactful work across Australia

  • Accommodating gifts such as real estate, life insurance policies or shares, which are not easily transferable to other charitable entities
  • Managing philanthropic fund investments and distributing income

  • Working through possible granting processes

  • Helping with complex philanthropic objectives

  • Growing philanthropic knowledge, including interest groups, tailored family programs and more

  • Reporting on investment returns and granting

Learn more about services offered through ACF Advisory

Support for you + your team


It is crucial you are ready to provide the right advice and support to clients when it comes to philanthropy. Australian Communities Foundation assists by working with your team to provide tools and educational opportunities that are timely, efficient and comprehensive. To support our partnering advisors, we offer a variety of bespoke solutions: 

  • Philanthropy 101: 1-hour interactive workshop delivered onsite to upskill your team.

  • The Conversation: An in-depth client encounter assisting your confident journey through values-based conversations with your clients. Build stronger and longer relationships through more meaningful connections.

  • Tools: A suite of simple, plain language tools to enhance the advisory relationship and your understanding of philanthropic services and offerings. We can also provide a variety of tailored resources for your organisation.

Contact us to learn more

Talking with your clients about giving

“It’s crucial for the trusted professional advisor to include philanthropy in their conversation with clients… It really helps the advisor understand what the interests of their client are, what moves them and what their passions are. They are very rich conversations that will glue your client relationship.” – Sue Dahn AM, Pitcher Partners

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Sue Dahn AM – Partner/Executive Director of Pitcher Partners and Australian Communities Foundation fundholder – shares her insights on the benefits of establishing a Named Fund.

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