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Who We Are

Creating a fairer Australia by activating a nation of givers

Australian Communities Foundation is a community of giving, powered by a courageous ambition: a fairer and more sustainable Australia. As a broker of change, we connect those who can give with the people and organisations leading the way.

With more than 25 years of experience in catalysing positive social and environmental change, we make philanthropy easy and accessible for people from all walks of life, all over Australia.

We are Australia’s only nationally-focused community foundation.


We’re powered by a courageous ambition

We believe in a fairer Australia – one where social, environmental and cultural justice is the norm.


We’re on a collective mission

We are creating a fairer Australia by activating a nation of givers.


We are a broker of change

It’s our role to enable, support and amplify giving. We connect those who can give with those making positive change. 


We tackle social & environmental injustice

We are an organisation built on strong values, using capital as a means of achieving impact. 

Our Values


We believe in respecting and understanding the perspectives and experiences of others. We know that collaboration and working collectively is essential because no one force can solve community issues in isolation. 


We support self-determination and believe that people and communities have the power and the right to determine the solutions to their challenges.


We believe it takes courage to pursue a fairer and more sustainable Australia. The problems we are tackling are complex and we understand that facing and overcoming challenges is part of the path to solutions. 


We believe in taking a stand for social, environmental, cultural and economic justice. We believe addressing power imbalances is central to creating a fairer Australia.

Our Strategy

Our 2019–23 strategy leverages our role as funder, enabler, capacity builder, platform and broker for change to activate a nation of givers and maximise our impact across Australia.

Our Impact

By leading with our values and staying true to our roots as an ethical community of givers, Australian Communities Foundation builds strong and genuine partnerships with our grantees to create a fairer and more sustainable Australia. Underpinning all our work is a commitment to measuring our impact across five key focus areas.

What is a community foundation?

Community foundations are not-for-profit organisations that help build and strengthen communities through charitable giving.