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Increasing the impact of your giving

100% Responsible Investing
Watch: Introduction to responsible investing at Australian Communities Foundation

100% Responsible Investing

At Australian Communities Foundation, we put our values at the centre of everything we do, including how we invest pooled philanthropic assets. That’s why 100 per cent of our investment portfolio is responsibly invested.

This approach has many benefits, including: (1) contributing to a stronger, fairer and more sustainable world; (2) providing both financial and social/environmental return on investment; and (3) achieving greater strategic alignment across investments and grants.

With the support of our investment advisers Brightlight, we actively seek out investments with a strong financial return and a positive social or environmental impact. As the first Australian philanthropic foundation to become a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, we’re proud to augment the impact of your giving by ensuring your philanthropic assets are 100 per cent responsibly invested.

Impact Investments

As part of our responsible approach, we actively contribute to positive outcomes through impact investments aligned with our Impact Areas.

Investment Governance

We recognise that the stewardship of our community’s philanthropic assets is a significant responsibility.

Our philanthropic assets are overseen by an Investment Committee to ensure that the portfolio meets financial and ESG objectives in accordance with our Investment Policy and Responsible Investment and Impact Policy.

Portfolio Options

We offer three investment options to meet your giving goals. All three options consider environmental, social and governance factors across each of the underlying investments.


Option 1 Long Term

for funds that will be granted out over a longer horizon

40% fixed interest and cash / 60% Australian and global equities

Investment objective: to provide a risk-adjusted return over time that allows for funds to meet granting requirements and modest capital growth of the fund.

Option 2 Short Term

for funds that will be granted out over a shorter horizon

85% fixed interest and cash / 15% Australian and global equities

Investment objective: to prioritise capital preservation and an income return to allow for granting of the capital and income over a shorter time horizon.

Option 3 Cash

for collective giving + flow-through funds

100% cash

Investment objective: to ensure the preservation of the capital given immediate requirement for grantmaking of collective giving funds.

Quarterly investment updates

We share updates on investment performance in newsletters to our giving community every few months. If you are a fundholder and are unable to locate the latest update, please contact us for a copy.