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Learning Circles

Sharing experience and insights

Learning Circles are designed to bring donors together with community partners, helping to spark conversations and gain a deeper understanding of the issues we fund.

Within our giving community, there’s a broad spectrum of capacity, experience and knowledge, which we explore and share in an informal setting at each of our Learning Circles throughout the year. Each Learning Circle is focused on one of our five focus areas, four of which reflect the cornerstones of the Impact Fund.

Learning Circles are open to Australian Communities Foundation fundholders and clients, and our friends in the philanthropy sector.

Tackling Inequality
Learning Circle

In Australia, as well as globally, the risks associated with inequality are becoming increasingly recognised. These risks are harmful to both our social cohesion and development as a nation and present in many ways across the social, economic, political, and cultural landscape.

This Learning Circle highlights the interconnected nature of inequality and examines the structural, attitudinal and behavioural barriers that we need to tackle in order to have impact.

Peter Singer meets with our community of giving for a Tackling Inequality Learning Circle on effective altruism.

Strengthening Democracy
Learning Circle

Australia’s representative democracy is built on a set of core values and principles. Many Australians, however, find themselves disillusioned by the democratic system, in an era where the pillars of democracy are corroded by increasingly opaque government decision-making and resistance to scrutiny, and the absence of adequate protection of our civil rights and liberties.

This Learning Circle explores how to strengthen the pillars of our democracy and encourage the civic participation of a range of strong voices in the public dialogue and an improved, more inclusive and representative democratic system.

Donors meet with the Human Rights Law Centre at a Strengthening Democracy Learning Circle.

Supporting Indigenous Communities
Learning Circle

Understanding and acknowledging past injustices while investing in Indigenous leadership, and Indigenous-led initiatives and solutions is essential to redressing inequalities in Australia for First Nations communities.

This Learning Circle takes a cultural justice approach by calling out the truths of the past and promoting the rich, diverse and strong cultures and traditions of First Nations people.

Our giving community joins in the celebrations at the launch of Victoria’s first Indigenous-led philanthropic fund, Koondee Woonga-gat Toor-rong.

Safeguarding the Environment
Learning Circle

As an island nation, we boast some of the most unique and beautiful ecosystems on earth. But Australia’s living environment also faces many threats, from climate change and habitat destruction to food and water security and the over-exploitation of natural resources.

This Learning Circle focuses on finding innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental threats. Through a partnership with the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, strategic advocacy and policy change opportunities are identified and supported to promote Australia’s role as an environmentally responsible global citizen.

Donors are joined by students leading the #SchoolStrike4Climate movement at a Safeguarding the Environment Learning Circle.

Building A Culturally
Vibrant Society
Interest Group

Our giving community is deeply passionate about supporting a vibrant, thriving and diverse arts sector. Creative expression and storytelling through various media are integral to public debate, a robust civil society, social cohesion and the celebration of our differences.

This Interest Group provides donors with opportunities to engage with individuals, organisations and projects in the arts community.

Marieke Hardy and Jamila Rizvi meet with donors for an in-conversation with Melbourne Writers Festival.