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Fundraising Support

Ready to fundraise for a cause you care about?

At Australian Communities Foundation we’re here to support you and your fundraising goals.

We know that every little bit can make a difference and that’s why we work to make the fundraising process as simple and as effective as possible.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting people and organisations to fundraise for a diverse range of causes across Australia.

Fundraising with the Morgan Mansell Fund

The Morgan Mansell Fund is a fund that no parent would ever wish to set up: a memorial fund to honour the all-too-short life of their child. Knowing the positive impact Morgan had on the world is one of the things Julie and Peter Mansell say has helped them navigate their grief. Establishing the Morgan Mansell Fund is another. The Fund is designed to raise funds and make annual grants that support research associated with Morgan’s health issues.

Julie and Peter Mansell with their daughter, Morgan.
“We draw upon the expertise of the Foundation… they enable us to undertake our fundraising activities in a manner that is completely above board and tax-deductible.” 

Why fundraise with us?

Experienced fundraisers

Leverage our knowledge, networks and expertise to help you achieve your fundraising targets.

Nationwide licensing

Australian Communities Foundation is licensed to fundraise in each Australian state. Use our licences for your fund’s fundraising activities.

Best-practice guidelines

We support best-practice fundraising for our giving community by providing detailed guidelines for all fundraising activities.

No minimum establishment amount

We are dedicated to supporting all Australians to fundraise, especially those just getting started. That’s why we waive our minimum establishment amount when you commit to raising $20,000 in the first year.

Fundraising Online

There are a range of online platforms that can streamline your fundraising activity and make it as effective as possible.

Contact us to discuss which online option is best for your fundraising needs.

Need help?

Got a fundraising question or ready to open a fund?