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Named Sub-Funds

Simplify your giving

A named sub-fund (also known as a donor-advised fund) is the easiest and most accessible way to structure your giving. Set up a sub-fund with us and we’ll take care of the administration and compliance, allowing you to focus on the granting.

Put a name on your giving

Sub-funds can be named after an individual or group or may even have their own unique identity – it’s up to you.

Donate now

You can donate into your sub-fund at any time. To get your balance growing quickly, you can also ask others to contribute. All sub-funds are eligible to fundraise in accordance with our fundraising guidelines.

Give later

Funds can be distributed at any time to the charitable organisations of your choosing.

100% Responsible Investing

More Info

Australian Communities Foundation operates and manages three trusts funds under which you can establish your donor-advised fund (sub-fund). Learn more about our three trust funds in our sub-fund establishment form. The minimum amount required to establish a sub-fund is $20,000. Alternatively, you can get started with a Gumnut from as little as $2,000.

Named sub-fund or private foundation?