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Corporate and Workplace Giving

Maximise your organisation’s positive social impact

We support organisations across Australia to establish and extend their giving programs.

Establish a Corporate/Workplace Fund with us to start giving without the administrative burden on internal resources, enabling you and your team to be as engaged or as hands-off in the grantmaking as you like.

Are you a non-profit organisation
looking to build an endowment?

Staff from APT Travel at a bushfire fundraiser held by APT’s One Tomorrow Charitable Fund – a Corporate Fund at Australian Communities Foundation. APT Travel Group.

Why establish a Corporate Fund?

Organisation-wide benefits

Corporate giving has been linked to a variety of organisation-wide benefits, including improved workplace culture, greater capacity to attract and retain quality staff, wider support from the local community, and enhanced reputation and brand.

The workplace giving program at Melbourne-based technology services company, Unico, is supported by a Corporate Fund at Australian Communities Foundation. Unico.

Engage our expertise

Our experienced team can support you to create a community investment approach that best aligns with your organisation’s mission and values. As Australia’s only nationally-focused community foundation, we can support you with community and grantmaking insights from all across Australia.

View our current granting opportunities

Our team can work with you to design a corporate giving program in line with your giving goals.

Join a community

Join Australia’s largest national giving community and find inspiration through sharing knowledge, ideas and insights. You’ll meet organisations with their own mission and philanthropic goals but with a shared vision for a fairer and more sustainable Australia.

Impact Fund is announced at our end of year celebration
Our giving community hears from editor of The Guardian Australia, Lenore Taylor.

Support your triple bottom line reporting

A Corporate Fund is an effective way to support your commitment to measuring performance beyond profit and ensuring your business is good for both people and planet too.

Create a lasting legacy

A Corporate Fund enables you to build a branded fund, serving as a lasting endowment for your organisation’s giving program. If you establish your Corporate Fund as a Named Fund, all donations into your fund are ethically invested, generating regular income independent from company performance so that you can continue to maximise your positive social impact into the future.

Tips for Corporate Giving

Source: America’s Charities Snapshot Report

Make it personal

When staff are given options to choose where their donations go, they are 5x more likely to give.

Make it easy

Enable payroll giving so that staff can give without any administrative burden.

Make it a match

Staff are 2x more likely to give when organisations match donations. We make it easy to set up donation matching and double your impact.

Make it fun

Organisations who offer incentives to give attract 117% more participants.

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Next Steps

To establish a Corporate Fund as a Named Fund
To establish a Corporate Fund as a Private Foundation

General support for workplace giving

Not ready to establish a fund or foundation for your organisation? We also offer general support for workplace giving programs.

Ready to start giving?

Contact us to set up your Corporate Fund or learn more about workplace giving.