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Collective Giving

The power of giving together

We support givers across Australia to harness the power of collective giving.

At Australian Communities Foundation, we’re strong believers in the power of coming together to maximise impact, and facilitating collaboration is what we do best.

Giving circle Groundswell established a fund with Australian Communities Foundation to support its work in facilitating collective giving to fight the climate crisis. Groundswell.

About Collective Giving


Community foundations have long been hosts and enablers of collective giving. In the broadest sense, collective giving refers to people giving together. By pooling your resources with others’, you can extend the impact of your giving. In this sense, collective giving makes impactful philanthropy accessible to anyone.

Giving Circles

In recent years, the emergence of giving circles has popularised collective giving. Giving circles encourage participatory philanthropy by inviting people to come together and pool their resources to support a specific cause or community. Each member is usually involved in deciding how the pooled funds will be distributed.

By bringing together engaged people with a shared interest and drive to make a difference, giving circles also provide an educational or community-building component for their members. As a result, giving circles are becoming important pathways for collaboration between businesses, charities and communities.

Impact100 Sydney North is a like-minded community of people in Sydney who award high-impact grants. Their Collective Giving Fund at Australian Communities Foundation enables members to pool their resources for an annual grants round. Impact100 Sydney North.

Why establish a Collective Giving Fund with us?

Join a community

Join Australia’s largest national giving community and find inspiration through sharing knowledge, ideas and insights. You’ll meet people with their own philanthropic goals but with a shared vision for a fairer and more sustainable Australia.

Align your collective with like-minded groups

At Australian Communities Foundation, we support 30+ groups to harness the power of collective giving. While each of these groups has its own specific focus, they are united by our collective vision.

Quick and easy donations

All collective giving funds are eligible to accept donations directly online. Whether you are holding a fundraising event for your giving circle or seeking payment of recurring membership fees, our online donation services provide quick and easy solutions.

Hassle-free and agile granting

We take care of all granting administration and compliance, allowing you to focus on the joy of giving together. Our two-week granting cycle means that you can also grant in response to immediate issues as they arise.

More Info

All collective giving funds at Australian Communities Foundation are established as Named Funds, meaning anyone can donate into your fund at any time. All collective giving funds are given the option of preserving all capital for immediate granting or investing in the short or long term.

Establish a fund for your collective

Contact us to set up a fund or learn more about how we support collective giving.

Impact Fund: Our flagship fund for collective giving

Our Impact Fund is tackling the country’s biggest issues through collective giving.