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New Interest Group: Giving Practice

Throughout the year, ACF donors have a number of opportunities to come together to discuss topics of interest in particular focus areas. These Learning Circles dig deeper into the issues related to each of the four impact areas: safeguarding the environment, tackling inequality, supporting Indigenous self-determination and strengthening democracy. These opportunities are critically important to our ability to be good grantmakers.

However, alongside understanding the subject matter, that is the ‘who’ and the ‘what’, it is also equally important to have a good understanding of philanthropic practice, that is, the ‘how’.

Recently, we received feedback from some individual donors that, while they have a unique view on their ‘who’ and ‘what’, they would like to learn more about the ‘how’.

Collectively our donor group has a wide range of experiences and so we are looking to create an opportunity for donors to share and learn from one another on the ‘how’ of philanthropic practice. We are calling this a Giving Practice Interest Group.

As a starting point, we are arranging an initial meeting of donors in early 2020 that may be interested in joining a Giving Practice Interest Group. If you are interested in being a part of this conversation please let us know.