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Granting ideas for February 2024

Australian Communities Foundation receives funding proposals from a wide range of organisations through our Granting Opportunties platform. See below for this month’s granting recommendations from our Grants Team.

Rethinking Australia’s Education System – Equity, Fairness & Choice

Australian Learning Lecture

Australia has one of the most segregated school systems in the OECD. To drive the conversation and stimulate policy change Leading Educators Around the Planet (LEAP) is developing a ten-day study tour from 6 – 15 October to several Canadian provinces to learn more and experience how other countries and jurisdictions have managed the challenge of choice, equity and effectiveness in their education systems. Read more

Disability Day Radio 2024

3CR Community Radio

The annual 3CR Disability Day 12-hour broadcast creates radio and podcast content by, for and about disabled or chronically ill people. The special day builds off their weekly disability-focused radio content and provides additional opportunities for media content that is by, for and about people with a disability or chronic illness. Read more

First Nations Women’s Group: Empowering Community & Healing Intergenerational Trauma

The Aunty Gals

The Aunty Gals’ vision is to create an empowering intergenerational women’s community where women support each other’s growth and healing, with a goal to become an established group with our own space, equipment and a yearly holiday program for kids. The Aunty Gals provide opportunities for women to gain confidence, learn new skills, gain cultural knowledge and experience support through shared healing of intergenerational trauma. Read more

LGBTQI+ Specific Court Safe Room for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Inner City Legal Centre

The Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) provides the only dedicated domestic and sexual violence legal assistance service for LGBTQI+ people in NSW. They provide advice, support and representation for eligible clients attending Court for apprehended violence order and related matters and follow up support and referral at the conclusion of Court proceedings. ICLC are currently seeking funding to keep this service running. Read more

Looking for other granting ideas? Find a wide range of funding proposals on our Granting Opportunities platform. Filter by location, focus area and target population to find a project that aligns with your funding interests.