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Granting ideas for March 2024

Australian Communities Foundation receives funding proposals from a wide range of organisations through our Granting Opportunties platform. See below for this month’s granting recommendations from our Grants Team.

Educating Future Custodians: Homeland School Initiative

Karrkad Kanjdji Trust (KKT)

The Northern Territory has the lowest proportion of students at or above the national minimum standards for literacy and numeracy, and attendance rates for Indigenous students across the very remote areas of the NT are currently sitting at 56%—well below the national average of 80%. The Homeland School Initiative will establish locally delivered bi-cultural education aims to address the low rates of formal education in remote Indigenous communities, enabling rangers to continue to live and work on Country, and ensure that critical cultural knowledge is passed down and practised. Read more

Trans Justice Strategy Retreat

Trans Justice Project

Trans lives are being threatened by a powerful anti–trans lobby working to erode the rights, safety, and health care of trans individuals. These campaigns have had dire consequences in the US and the UK, and Australia could face a similar situation if action is not taken. Trans Justice Project is organising the Trans Justice Strategy Retreat, gathering 100 trans leaders, allies, and activists to exchange knowledge, strengthen solidarity, and develop new skills. This will be the first retreat of its kind in Australia, serving as a crucial foundation for deeper and more effective movement collaboration in the year ahead. Read more

#HotDiveSummer: Divers advocating for climate action

Divers for Climate

Divers for Climate is a community-led initiative by divers, for divers, that aims to galvanise collective climate action across the diving community and beyond. Their goal is to turn the community’s passion and stories into stronger climate policies around the world. They are seeking funds to support the production of a compelling short film that documents the climate impacts that the Australian diving community is witnessing firsthand, and conversations and workshops with divers and tourism operators about the need for immediate action. Read more

Specialised Legal & Social Services for Refugee Women at Risk

Refugee Advice & Casework Service

Refugee women who are victims of violence face additional complications and barriers in finding safety and accessing services, leaving many vulnerable in already perilous situations. RACS are seeking funds for this program which provides vulnerable and financially disadvantaged women seeking asylum in Australia, who have suffered or at risk of domestic, sexual or gender-based violence, with access to specialised legal services concerning visa and related issues. Read more

Looking for other granting ideas? Find a wide range of funding proposals on our Granting Opportunities platform. Filter by location, focus area and target population to find a project that aligns with your funding interests.