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Streamlining our processes for our grant partners

At Australian Communities Foundation, we’re committed to making philanthropy easy – not only for fund advisors and donors, but for our grant partners too.

As part of our transition to a new system from world-leading database provider for community foundations, Foundant Technologies, we’ve developed a new online portal for our grant partners.

“We’re so excited to introduce this new portal and make it easier for grant partners to manage grants from our community”, says Louise Kuramoto, Head of Philanthropic Services.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce the administrative burden that community organisations can face with funding arrangements, and this is a huge step in the right direction.

“Streamlining our processes means our grant partners have more time to focus on their important work of supporting the communities they serve.”

Key benefits of the new system include:

  • one central place to keep track of grants received from Australian Communities Foundation, including multi-year grants with multiple instalments
  • quick and easy process for completing grant agreements, meaning quicker turnaround of grant payments
  • streamlined reporting and acquittal process and the ability to see if there are upcoming reports due
  • less hard copies of paperwork, reducing carbon footprint
  • greater security with all data protected under local privacy laws.

Early feedback from grant partners has so far been very positive:

  • “The new portal is intuitive and easy to use.”
  • “Very straightforward and easy to follow.”
  • “A great improvement on the old system. It’s great we can see all active and historical grants in the one place.”
  • “Definitely reduces administration at our end and saves us time.”

Organisations will be given access to the new portal when they are next recommended for a grant from our giving community.