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Louise Kuramoto

Head of Philanthropic Services

Louise leads the Philanthropy & Impact Team and works with fund holders to develop their capacity and confidence as donors and grantmakers. She brings significant philanthropic experience to Australian Communities Foundation.


“The science of philanthropy: how we mobilise the right amount of funding at the right time in the right places to achieve long-lasting change. If done strategically, thoughtfully and collaboratively, philanthropy can move mountains and change the world in very meaningful ways.”

Philanthropy can move mountains and change the world in very meaningful ways


“Prior to my time at ACF, I spent six years as Program Manager at R E Ross Trust advising the board on granting $4m annually. Before that, I was part of the Philanthropic Services Team at Myer Family Company, where I had responsibility for the management of the Telematics Trust, in addition to providing philanthropic advisory services to MFCo clients. Prior to my life in philanthropy, I worked in marketing and communications for a large international aid organisation. Having worked in both the community sector and philanthropy for many years, I have a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by both sectors.”


“Our partnership with Brightlight in 2019 was a really exciting time for Australian Communities Foundation as an organisation. The partnership shows our legitimate commitment to walking the talk of our values and ethical framework, and truly lead the sector along this path.”