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TransEquality: What role can philanthropy play?

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Hosted by Australian Communities Foundation
14 September 2023

Whether your focus as a funder is mental health, human rights, young people, a strong democracy or social inequality of any kind, the fight for trans equality impacts your work. 

Over the past year, a small but committed group of funders have joined together to support Equality Australia’s TransEquality work. While these funders do not have a specific LGBTQIA+ focus, they have been motivated by:

  • Increased political polarisation and rise of anti-trans hate speech and violence
  • Targeting, demonisation and politicisation of trans communities as a means of creating fear and division, undermining progress on a broad range of social issues 
  • The devastating impact this is having on people experiencing injustice and disadvantage – and the risk this presents to achieving better outcomes for society as a whole 

This event explores the causes behind these trends and their impact on trans communities and society more broadly, and delves deeper into what can be achieved when philanthropy comes together with those leading the work to address them.

Our trans communities face unique challenges, even when not under attack. Longstanding co-funders of LGBTQIA+ communities have seen the opportunities that come from resourcing these historically underfunded groups to create and implement their own solutions. We hope you’ll join us to hear about their experiences and learn more.

Event Information

Thursday 14 September
5:30pm for 6:00pm – 7.00pm AEST
6:00pm – 7.00pm AEST (online)

This event is presented in partnership with Reichstein Foundation, Mannifera, GiveOUT, and Equality Australia.


Anna Brown, CEO, Equality Australia

Anna Brown’s fingerprints are on nearly every major reform in Australia for LGBTIQ+ people in recent years. She played a critical role in the campaign for marriage equality co-chairing the Equality Campaign and running the challenge to the postal plebiscite in the High Court. Anna has been instrumental in hard fought battles to secure federal LGBTI discrimination protections, remove discriminatory laws across the country and right historical wrongs by establishing schemes to erase historical homosexual offences. Anna’s legal work has helped to ensure that young trans people can access vital hormone treatment without the cost and delay of going to court, advanced marriage equality and furthered recognition of sex and gender diversity.

Ymania Brown, TransEquality Council Chair, Equality Australia

Brisbane-based Ymania Brown is Samoan by birth and is a proud Fa’afafine Trans Woman from the Pacific who has driven Pacific trans activism and in a number of countries. She spent nearly 20 years in corporate Australia as Head of Legal & HR for an IT Group in Sydney bringing with her a great mix of skills and experience to EA as Operations Manager, and currently volunteers for international NGO’s as Co-Secretary General of ILGA World (Geneva) and the Advisory Board of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation of Justice (New York).

Max Pick, TransEquality Project Coordinator, Equality Australia

Max Pick is a proud non-binary and trans person with a versatile background. Prior to Equality Australia, Max worked largely in community and administration positions with over four years in the disability field, and as a Policy Advisor with the former City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor, Irene Doutney. Max developed a strong connection to the wider trans and gender diverse community through their brand No Milk In My T, which provides financial support for individuals needing gender-affirming care. They are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections with the LGBTIQ+ and Equality Australia community, and committed to seeing trans and gender people thrive.

Jill Reichstein, Chair, Reichstein Foundation

Jill Reichstein’s involvement with social change philanthropy grew from her early involvement with the first women’s refuge in Victoria and with the community childcare movement. As Chair of the Reichstein Foundation since 1987, Jill has been active in developing strategic partnerships and alliances towards growing progressive philanthropy as well as mentoring and resourcing new donors who are seeking to clarify their own philanthropic direction.

Maree Sidey, CEO, Australian Communities Foundation

Maree Sidey has been Chief Executive Officer of Australian Communities Foundation since 2015. Maree also holds Non-Executive Director roles at Community Foundations of Australia, Australian Progress and Philanthropy Australia.


This session is open to Australian Communities Foundation fundholders. Contact us to register.