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Making a difference

The Impact Fund is Safeguarding the Environment

Invasive Species Council
2019 Grantee Partner

The critically endangered mountain pygmy-possum. Australian Alps collection – Parks Australia.

In 2019, the Impact Fund raised $150,000 for the Invasive Species Council and its ongoing advocacy for a more concerted focus on abating major threats to our native species.

The Invasive Species Council has been working with environmental NGOs, policy experts and scientists to develop a package of institutional, legal and policy reforms that would engender a more concerted focus on abating major threats. The Council is now working to establish a threat abatement working group (with members for whom threat abatement is a core focus), further develop the proposed reforms and build the case for their adoption, create a cross-sectoral consortium (with members that conduct abatement or will benefit from the reforms) to demonstrate support for the reforms, undertake advocacy, and initiate collaborative threat abatement projects.

Our focus areas

Safeguarding the Environment is one of our five key focus areas, guiding the way we give at Australian Communities Foundation.

Progress on Safeguarding the Environment

Farmers For Climate Action

Developing a national strategy on agriculture and climate change
$150,000 (2019 – 2022)
  • Increased capacity of a coalition of farmers to campaign for a national strategy on agriculture and climate change, with recent support from the Australian Farm Institute
Anika Molesworth, member of the Farmers For Climate Action Board, on her farm in Broken Hill. Farmers For Climate Action.

ClimateWorks Australia

Net Zero Emissions transport roadmap
Agile grant (2019 – 2020)
  • Australia’s first net zero emissions roadmap for the Australian transport sector underway with support from an emerging coalition of industry leaders


National campaigning, advocacy and consumer education for climate-resilient homes
$150,000 (2018 – 2021)
  • More than 60 community, environment, industry and local government groups brought together by ReNew and the Australian Council of Social Service to petition for higher energy performance standards for all Australian homes
ReNew is working with consumer groups and households across Australia to advocate for higher efficiency standards for all Australian homes. ReNew.

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