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Funding overview: May 2020


The COVID-19 National Funding Platform gives insight into the generosity of the ACF giving community during a crisis: $448,740 for COVID-19 support to 43 community organisations and counting. Thank you to everyone involved: our donors, our partners and the sedulous community sector we serve.

The platform has now received submissions from over 200 community organisations across Australia. This number alone is emblematic of a sector facing significant challenges when it comes to both viability and adaptability. 

This is just the beginning. As the crisis unfolds, we will continue to provide advice and support to guide the giving community, as well as maintaining an accessible platform for community organisations and projects.


While the fires are now under control, the road to recovery for these communities is long, with complex and unique challenges now arising. It has been several months since bushfires raged across the country causing vast damage and devastation to communities and the environment. More than 8 million hectares were burnt, affecting hundreds of rural communities.

These already vulnerable communities are now faced with recovery in the face of another emergency and so continued support and funding is more important than ever.

Since the beginning of the fire season last year, the generosity of ACF funders has been incredible with a total of $1,823,950.74 directed to 37 organisations. Of this, $971,726 has been directed to Indigenous Australians, largely due to the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities that was established off the back of a GoFundMe Campaign.