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Granting ideas for June 2024

Australian Communities Foundation receives funding proposals from a wide range of organisations through our Granting Opportunties platform. See below for this month’s granting recommendations from our Grants Team.

Fossil Fuels are a Health Hazard

Doctors for the Environment

Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) is launching a national campaign to raise awareness of the health harms of fossil fuels and aims to increase pressure across all levels of politics. They are calling on the Government to ban all new coal and gas projects, to support renewable energy uptake in Australia, and to phase out fossil fuel exports to improve the health of our communities. Read more

Mobilise Pay: Supporting Single Mothers on Low Income

We are Mobilise

Mobilise Pay is a year-long direct giving program designed to provide targeted support for single mother families with lived experience or who are at an increased risk of homelessness. Mobilise Pay will use a voucher and gift system to pay for recipients’ bills, necessities, and recreational activities for their children for a full calendar year. Read more

Research and Advocacy to Build a Transparent and Trustworthy Democracy

Centre for Public Integrity

The Centre for Public Integrity is an independent think tank dedicated to restoring integrity to Australia’s democracy. To scale their impact, they are seeking funds to increase their research resourcing and bring in administrative support. This would help free up executive time to pursue the Centre’s strategic goals of building a democracy that is transparent, trustworthy and resilient to future stressors. Read more

Addressing Gambling Harm from Pokie Machines

Alliance for Gambling Reform

In July 2023, the Victorian Government announced ‘landmark reforms’ to reduce the harm caused by poker machine gambling, but they have yet to provide key details. Through a campaign, the Alliance for Gambling Reform aims to raise awareness and drive action across the Victorian community, civil society, and local government. This includes meeting with MPs to advocate for gambling harm reduction. Read more

Looking for other granting ideas? Find a wide range of funding proposals on our Granting Opportunities platform. Filter by location, focus area and target population to find a project that aligns with your funding interests.