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Update from our Impact Fund partners: February 2021

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Written by ACFPosted on 29/1/2021

This month, we have updates from four Impact Fund partners, including a new study from Everybody’s Home; a new public health resource from Responsible Technology Australia, now known as Reset Australia; and a new report on the links between climate and health.



The Everybody’s Home campaign has been working since March 2018 to coordinate community sector campaigning on housing and homelessness, and build community support for Australian governments to invest in social and affordable housing. In October 2021, the Impact Fund and the ACF giving community came together to support the Everybody’s Home campaign to secure investment in more and better social housing.

In December 2020, Everybody’s Home released a landmark economic study in partnership with Equity Economics. The report projects a 9% surge in homelessness and a 24% increase in the number of Australian families under housing stress this year due to the COVID crisis.

The report shows that with a $7 billion investment in social housing from the Federal Government, we could make a serious dent in homelessness, turbocharge the post pandemic economy by $18.2 billion, and create 18,000 jobs per year over four years.



The Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) is a coalition of healthcare stakeholders who work together to see the threat to human health from climate change and ecological degradation addressed through prompt policy action.



Australians lose $34 million to the pokies each day. When COVID forced the machines to be turned off, that money stayed with people and their families, it stayed with their communities.

A new video from the Alliance for Gambling Reform shows just how much a forced shutdown was needed through powerful personal stories. Watch it here

The Alliance for Gambling Reform is a collaboration of organisations with a shared concern about the deeply harmful and unfair impacts of gambling and its normalisation in Australian culture. The Impact Fund partnered with the Alliance back in 2018.



Until a vaccine is widely distributed, our best defence against COVID-19 is through public health campaigns, education, and advice.

That is why Reset Australia is campaigning for the live list. The live list is a resource for public health officials, government, academics, and journalists that allows them to see what COVID-19 related URLs are gaining traction on social media. It lets those working to keep us safe know which groups are being exposed to certain COVID-19 narratives so they can better frame our public health response.

The Impact Fund supported Reset Australia’s work tackling misinformation with a COVID-19 Agile Grant in May 2020.

The Impact Fund also supported Reset Australia with a convening grant in March 2020, this grant enabled key players in digital civil society to come together face-to-face and talk strategy, priorities and coordinated funding opportunities. This group now meets on a fortnightly basis for information sharing and coordination.