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LISTEN: COVID-19, racial discrimination and human rights

At the Tackling Inequality Learning Circle on 27 March, speakers Yaqiu Wang from Human Rights Watch and Osmond Chiu from Per Capita share insights from their research, experiences and more recent observations around the outbreak and spread of COVID-19.

Yaqiu Wang is a China researcher with Human Rights Watch, she speaks to the spread of disinformation related to the coronavirus outbreak in China and the effects of an authoritarian response to the pandemic, especially on human rights and vulnerable members of our communities.

Osmond Chiu is a research fellow with Per Capita, he discusses the Australian context, including the undercurrent of racism towards Asian-Australians and its history. The need to eradicate such ingrained and unfair attitudes, no matter how subtle or minor they might seem, comes sharply into view.

Part I A: Yaqui Wang

Part I B: Q&A with Yaqiu Wang

Part II B: Q&A with Osmond Chiu