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Vale Anne Kantor AO

Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) is deeply saddened by the recent passing of Anne Kantor AO.

ACF Co-Founders and Patrons, Marion Webster OAM and Hayden Raysmith AM have provided the following statement.

Australian Communities Foundation would like to recognise the significant contribution Anne Kantor AO made to the early-stage development of the then Melbourne Community Foundation (MCF), now ACF.

At the time of her substantial donation to MCF in 1997, community foundations were largely unknown in Australia and MCF was very much a start-up with minimal resources. We knew from community foundation experience in the United States that there needed to be a critical mass of funds ($5 million) to achieve what was then called ‘take-off’. Once that was reached, experience was that the funds held in a foundation would start to increase at an accelerated rate. No matter how long it took to reach the target, once reached potential donors and supporters would recognise the foundation had substance, a profile, was able to start making grants, and had permanence.

Based on experience and advice from USA experts, we anticipated that our experience in Australia would be similar. At the time, reaching the ‘take-off’ target seemed a huge hill to climb. Anne’s generous contribution went a long way to help us reach our objective and to grow as we did. Her willingness to back this largely unknown model of philanthropy and her trust in us to manage it well, gave us the courage and encouragement we needed to continue growing. We are indebted to her.

Marion Webster OAM and Hayden Raysmith AM
ACF Co-Founders and Patrons