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Introducing the Australian Democracy Network

Profile of Australian Democracy Network
Hosted by Australian Democracy Network
23 July 2020

Join Australian Democracy Network, along with founding partners and supporters, at the inaugural donor briefing circle.

It’s been three months since we launched straight into the Covid-19 crisis, one of the most significant challenges to government accountability and civil liberties our country has ever faced. Australian Democracy Network has been working publicly and behind the scenes to maintain standards of integrity in Government and protect our civil rights during a period of extraordinary uncertainty.

Now it’s time to look to recovery, let’s look ahead together.


Thursday 23 July 2020
5:30 – 6:30pm AEST


Saffron Zomer – Australian Democracy Network

Saffron is a lawyer, campaigner and political strategist with more than a decade of experience leading law reform campaigns. Prior to the Australian Democracy Network, Saffron was Government Relations Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation. She spent several years living and working in the US, where she held a range of campaign and government relations roles.


This event will be hosted online. To register, follow the ‘join the event’ link below and enter your details.

Please note that this session may be recorded. If you do not wish to appear on video, please ensure your video is disabled for the duration of the session.

Image credit: Australian Democracy Network