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Philanthropy Australia Conference 2021: Future Needs Now?

Profile of Philanthropy Australia
Hosted by Philanthropy Australia
21 April 2021

This April and May, the Philanthropy Australia National Conference will bring the philanthropic sector and broader community together with the world’s best thinkers, strategists and leading voices to act as a catalyst for change.

Themed ‘What does the future need from us, now?’, the 2021 Philanthropy Australia National Conference online program will focus on what our Australian and global communities need from philanthropy as we move forward into a changed future, and work to build back better together. 

The thought-provoking program will unpack and debate the future needs of our society and the role of philanthropy in addressing these challenges, and ask: which directions should we take? Who decides? And based on what evidence or signals? 

In the workshop part of the conference on 5 & 6 May, our CEO Maree Sidey and board director Adam Milgrom join the panel for “On the Right side of History: Unpacking the journey towards 100% Responsible Investing”. Philanthropy and Engagement Manager, Georgia Matthews, will also be on the panel for “New power: Donor organising and activism”

The event will take place virtually.