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Safeguarding the Environment – Climate Philanthropy 101 Masterclass with AEGN

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Hosted by Australian Communities Foundation
23 November 2021

We live in a critical moment for humanity. Climate change is already impacting the most vulnerable in our society, threatening to undermine decades of social progress. Yet by funding solutions to climate change we can leave the world a better place for our children.

Between 31 October and 12 November, COP26 will be the biggest summit the UK has ever hosted. It is being described as the most significant climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Presidents and prime ministers from around the world will be reporting back on progress since the Paris Agreement and, hopefully, there will be some new decisions on how to cut carbon emissions.

In the wake of the conference, join funders from across Australia at our next Safeguarding the Environment Learning Circle to learn what’s next for action on climate change. Get inspiration from an experienced funder who will share their lessons developed over years of grantmaking and leave with some really practical ways to get active on the issue that will define our generation.

  • why now is a critical moment for climate action in Australia and globally;
  • how climate change will – and already is – impacting other areas of philanthropic giving such as health and young people;
  • how climate change philanthropy has made a major impact recently using real-world case studies;
  • what drives experienced climate change funders, what they have learnt along the way, and their tips for getting started; and
  • how you can get started supporting and funding climate solutions today.