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Strengthening Democracy: A new alliance for a fair democracy

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11 March 2021

At our first Strengthening Democracy Learning Circle for 2021, we will be introducing a newly formed coalition of 30 civil society organisations with the intent and the strategy to improve our democracy.

In partnership with the Australian Democracy Network, we are pleased to invite you to a discussion with Helen Haines MP and Serena Lillywhite on vital aspects of our democratic processes, which our efforts as funders can help repair, reinforce and reinvigorate.

Attending and contributing to the conversation will be members of civil society’s new Fair Democracy Campaign, pushing for political integrity, and tackling political donations and misinformation.

You will be invited to bring your voice and resources to this major campaign for 2021, and to meet other funders and advocates working to restore integrity to politics and defend our democracy.



Saffron Zomer is a lawyer, campaigner and political strategist with more than a decade of experience leading law reform campaigns. 

In 2017, Saffron co-founded and led the Hands Off Our Charities Alliance which secured critical changes to 2017 Electoral Act amendments to protect the rights of civil society organisations to engage in advocacy.


Dr Helen Haines MP is an Independent Federal Member of Parliament for Indi. She is a trained nurse and midwife that believes communities need real representation on what matters: education, healthcare, getting rid of corruption in politics, harnessing clean energy for Australia’s future, and building our jobs and prosperity. 

Minister Haines is the proponent of two Bills that, if passed, could achieve for Australian democracy a robust and effective Federal Integrity Commission, having at its heart her key ‘Beechworth Principles’.


Serena Lillywhite is an experienced corporate accountability practitioner, researcher and advocate, with an extensive career in responsible business conduct. Her expertise includes governance, corruption, human rights, labour rights and land and resettlement issues. She has worked across the financial services, mining and garment and apparel sectors.