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Tackling Inequality Learning Circle

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21 October 2019

We are pleased to invite you to join the next Tackling Inequality Learning Circle for a discussion on older people’s rights with Human Rights Watch Researcher, Bethany Brown.

Roughly 15% of the Australian population (3.7M) is over the age of 65 and within 40 years, this demographic is expected to more than double, magnifying the urgency to ensure that older people’s rights are fully protected.

In April 2019, the Australian government introduced a new rule to regulate, not prohibit, both physical restraints and overmedication (often called chemical restraint) in aged care facilities. Such regulations expose people in aged care facilities to physical, social, and emotional harm, and blatantly bypass free and informed consent.

Through interviews with older people and long-term care experts, Human Rights Watch (HRW) will highlight the experiences of older people and advocate for their full inclusion in society. Working with community partners and advocacy networks, HRW will generate pressure on policymakers to bring harmful practices to an end. Read more…

bethany brown

SPEAKER: Bethany Brown | Researcher, Rights of Older People | Human Rights Watch 

Bethany Brown researches older people’s rights at Human Rights Watch. Before joining Human Rights Watch she worked on policy and advocacy for older people with HelpAge International and HelpAge USA, where she guided research, training and work at the UN. Her work has taken her to Kyrgyzstan, Chile, Haiti, and Iraqi Kurdistan. She has co-authored a book as well as articles and chapters on older people’s human rights. Bethany holds a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and a law degree from American University Washington College of Law.