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Webinar: JobSeeker Payment beyond COVID-19

Profile of Australian Council of Social Service
Hosted by Australian Council of Social Service
21 May 2020

Hosted by the Australian Council of Social Service, this webinar is your opportunity to find out more about the campaign to Raise the Rate for Good and join the Impact Fund in co-funding this important work to reach the $50,000 target.

The Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has substantially increased the incomes of people who were living in poverty in Australia. After 25 years, unemployment payments received their first real increase, with a doubling of the payment, that will lift many people out of poverty.

Still, the pandemic is not over: recovery will take years. Life in Australia will continue to be very different.

Already, the unemployment rate has doubled, with 1.7 million people expected to be unemployed in the next 3 months. The Australian Government has only agreed to temporary measures to support those who are unemployed. These will be stopped in 4 months’ time.

At a time of critical importance, how do we ensure people are supported, and our economy recovers?


Thursday 21 May 2020
10am – 12:30pm


First session (10:00 – 11:00):
Miranda Stewart – Professor of Law, the University of Melbourne Law School
Nicki Hutley – Senior Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
Peter Whiteford – Professor at Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University

Second session (11:10 – 12:15):
Kasy Chambers – Executive Director, Anglicare Australia
Andrew Bietzel – State Coordinator, Anti-Poverty Network Queensland
Ali Mohammad Amin – National Union of Students Welfare Officer, the University of Adelaide


Image credit: Australian Council of Social Services