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At Australian Communities Foundation, our scale enables us to charge minimal fees.

As a non-profit organisation, we aim to strike a balance between our commitment to accessible and cost-effective philanthropy and to ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the organisation.

Named Funds & Gumnut Accounts

Named Funds (or donor-advised funds) give you access to an array of personalised philanthropic planning, advisory, grantmaking and investment management services. In exchange for these services, the Foundation charges two fees: a Donor Administration & Support Fee and an Investment Management Fee. Named Funds are a cost-effective way to structure your giving when compared with the costs of establishing and maintaining a foundation on your own.

Donor Administration & Support Fee

The Donor Administration & Support Fee is an annual fee that is deducted monthly. Fees are determined based on fund balances in accordance with a tiered cumulative fee structure. The breakdown of the administration fee is as follows:

Assets up to $500,0002.2%
Next $500,000 – $1M2.0%
Next $1M – $2.5M1.0%
Assets over $2.5M0.5%

For example, fees for a fund with a balance of $5 million would be as follows:
2.2% on the first $500,000 ($11,000) + 2.0% on the next $500,000 ($10,000) + 1.0% on the next $1.5 million ($15,000) + 0.5% on the last $2.5 million ($12,500)

NFP Future Funds pay an annual fee of 1.2% on balances up to $1M, deducted monthly. Once an NFP Future Fund reaches a balance of $1M, the fee will follow the tiered structure listed above.

Investment Management Fee

Named Funds and Gumnut Accounts are charged an annual Investment Management Fee of 0.5% of capital on its pool of funds up to the value of $30 million and 0.3% of capital on the balance of funds over $30 million. This fee is deducted monthly.

Additional Information

We do not charge establishment fees or grantmaking fees. Funds that require additional administration support for activities such as research, flow-through grantmaking or fundraising may incur additional fees. We negotiate additional charges on a case-by-case basis before any work is undertaken.

Private Foundations

Private Foundations (or private ancillary funds) are charitable trusts that give you the opportunity to manage your investments independently.

Australian Communities Foundation charges an establishment fee of $4,000 for Private Foundations. The ongoing service fee is dependent upon the package chosen.

  • Purpose (inspiration and impact): $12,000 per annum or $3,000 per quarter
  • Freedom (inspiration and compliance): $10,000 per annum or $2,500 per quarter
  • Transformation (inspiration, impact and compliance): $18,000 per annum or $4,500 per quarter

Foundation Support Services

Our Foundation Support Services provide a range of services for trusts and foundations to utilise. Building on the existing expertise and infrastructure within our team, we can offer support to foundations and trusts who are just starting or for those who want to leverage the benefit of outsourcing.

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