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Making a difference

Future Funds

Secure your future impact

We support not-for-profit changemakers across the country through our low-cost Future Funds.

Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) has been providing support services for over 35 years with a focus on culturally appropriate care to assist seniors from the multicultural community to live independently. By building an endowment with a Future Fund, AMCS is securing a future of carrying out its mission of improving lives through care, support and empowerment.

Benefits of a Future Fund

Build an endowment

For NFP organisations looking to secure their longevity, a Future Fund can be used to build an endowment, providing long-term sustainability and greater independence from external funding sources. All donations into the fund are tax-deductible and the fund’s income is tax-exempt.

Flexible income

Income from the fund can be granted back to your organisation for any purpose, including operational costs or to support specific projects.

Lower fees for not-for-profits

Future Funds have a lower administration fee and no establishment costs.

A secure option for donor gifts

A Future Fund can also help expand your organisation’s supporter base by offering an independent and secure option for donor gifts, including bequests.

Ethical investments

An added bonus is the revenue-earning potential of access to low-cost ethical investment options.

Access to our community

Establish a Future Fund with us and join our community of giving. You’ll meet givers and changemakers from across the country, united by our shared vision for a fairer and more sustainable Australia.

100% Responsible Investing

Some of our Future Fund Holders

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