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Meet Olivia Clark-Moffatt, Director of Engagement

Profile of Nicole Richards
Written by Nicole RichardsPosted on 2/3/2021

One of the first things you’re bound to notice about Australian Communities Foundation’s Director of Engagement, Olivia Clark-Moffatt, is how deeply purpose driven she is.

Liv’s big-hearted energy, her passion and compassion are all shaped by a lifelong commitment to making the world a better place. Though she describes herself as a “Jackie of all trades”, Liv’s career path reflects her humanitarian instincts, including time spent as an Anglican church minister, social enterprise founder, not-for-profit health executive and consultant.

Olivia with one of her sons.

“I move from the establishment to the margins and from big organisations to small ones, following my passions and looking to give back,” she explains of the 30-plus years she has devoted to the community and for-purpose sectors.

“I was excited to join the team at ACF and to serve inside the philanthropy sector having seen how powerful an investment philanthropy can be.”

“It’s really inspiring to meet with people who want to make a difference”

Witnessing the powerful interplay of the head and heart in strategic giving, Liv says, is one of the most rewarding aspects of her day-to-day work.

“It’s really inspiring to meet with people who want to make a difference and who have a sense that it needs to be more than making a donation to a few charities at the end of financial year,” she explains.

“It’s so humbling to see their generosity, and it’s a privilege to explain structured giving to them and be able to match them to the right ACF product or service.

“We have so many distinct funds and services that we can offer a range of different options to deliver the best solution for people. That’s the thing about being part of our giving community, these services have been built by people who’ve walked the path before you; you don’t have to go it alone.”

“I think it’s critical that we put all of our resources, including our investments, towards doing good”

Ranking high among Liv’s many passions is her support of initiatives and her willingness to innovate in order to generate positive impact.

“I think it’s critical that we put all of our resources, including our investments, towards doing good,” Liv says.

“I’m such a big supporter of ACF’s commitment to responsible investing. As a leader in the giving ecosystem, we play an important role in innovating and continuing to pursue these progressive elements.”

“I’m excited for the future and I’m really looking forward to hearing from more voices, including those from the margins and those from the next generation and learning constantly. It’s important that we think about who’s included in the conversations and who makes the decisions.

“For me, philanthropy has so much to offer in terms of creating a better future. It’s a pure joy to be able to help people from all walks of life get started on their giving journey.”