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Why I give: 3 questions with Adam Milgrom

Profile of Nicole Richards
Written by Nicole RichardsPosted on 3/4/2020

Adam Milgrom is an active impact investor, having built a portfolio of investments across a wide range of industries and asset classes that align profit with purpose.

Adam is a board director here at Australian Communities Foundation and a venture partner of Impact Invest Group’s Giant Leap Fund, the first Australian venture capital fund 100 per cent committed to investing in impact start-ups.


Why do you think giving is important?

AM: To have, is to have a responsibility to give, particularly when you have more than you need.

We all have different things to share with each other. For some it’s financial resources, others wisdom, stories, lessons etc. and when we share our resources generously and intentionally, the rising tide lifts us all. 


In terms of your own personal giving, which cause areas are most important to you and why?

Environment, equality and disadvantage – by supporting both those who are working to change the systems and those assisting direct urgent needs. These are areas where the challenges can seem enormous, but at the same time, even small grants can have an outsized impact.


What do you love most about Australian Communities Foundation?

Australian Communities Foundation is uniquely placed to make giving more accessible, collaborative and intentional while also increasing the quality of giving across Australia.