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Fund Establishment Policy


Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) inspires and encourages accessible philanthropy by enabling donors to establish and build sub-funds through which they can support positive social and environmental change.

In approving new sub-funds, the Trustee (Australian Communities Foundation Board) needs to be confident that potential donors understand the legal status of the sub-fund they are establishing, that the purpose of the sub-fund is within the ACF’s vision, mission and value parameters, that the donations being placed in the subfund do not contravene ACF’s ethical investment guidelines and that the source of the donation will not damage ACF’s reputation.


A minimum donation of $20,000 is required to establish a sub-fund with ACF.

If a sub-fund is identified as a fundraising fund of many donors, fundholders are able to take 12 months to establish the minimum $20,000.

Prior to approving a new sub-fund, ACF will undertake due diligence to ensure that:

  • the potential donor is clear that the sub-fund is not a separate legal entity, but is a management account within the overall Trust Fund, and the rights and obligations this imposes on the donor and ACF Board
  • the purpose of the sub-fund is within the vision, mission and value parameters of ACF
  • the donations being placed in the sub-fund have been sourced in a way which does not contravene the Foundation’s values and ethical investment guidelines (excludes companies whose dominant purpose or product relates to tobacco, gambling or weapons) or damage ACF’s reputation.

Last updated: December 2018