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Professional Advisers

Engage our expertise to support your clients

Our expertise helps you provide confident advice and a range of options to your clients.

When you partner with Australian Communities Foundation, you gain full access to our philanthropic expertise, serving as a dedicated resource that helps you fulfil your clients’ charitable objectives.

Why partner with us?

Australia’s largest giving community

When your clients give with us, they will join Australia’s largest national giving community, where they will find inspiration through sharing knowledge, ideas and insights. Your clients will be part of a community that supports and respects their unique philanthropic goals and shares a vision for positive change.

Our giving community celebrates its 20th year anniversary in 2017.

Expertise and flexibility

We can help design a unique philanthropic strategy for each client and their family that deepens their impact in their chosen cause areas and provides opportunity for engaging next-generation family members. With a range of products that include donor-advised funds and private ancillary funds, we help your clients find the giving structure that’s right for them.

Our team can work with your clients to determine the best giving vehicle for their philanthropic goals.

Events and networking opportunities

When you partner with us, you get access to a range of networking opportunities and thought-leadership events with subject-matter experts. Our professional adviser network spans financial advisers, wealth managers, lawyers and accountants from across Australia. Subscribe to our mailing list below to stay in the loop.

US philanthropist and activist Dr Jason Franklin leads a session on wealth transfer with our professional adviser network.

Over 25 years in philanthropy

We’ve been helping people catalyse positive social and environmental change for more than 25 years. When your clients give with us, they benefit from the expertise, grantmaking advice, networks and national giving community we’ve built since 1997.


Our scale enables us to charge minimal fees compared with the costs of a client establishing and maintaining a foundation on their own. We aim to strike a balance between our commitment to accessible and cost-effective philanthropy, to building an engaged community, and to ensuring ongoing sustainability.


Ways your clients can give

Individuals and families all across the country choose Australia’s largest national giving community to achieve their giving goals and maximise their impact.

Quick comparison: DAF vs PAF

Our two key vehicles for structured giving, Named Funds (or donor-advised funds or sub-funds) and Private Foundations (or private ancillary funds), both offer an engaging and tax-deductible solution for your clients’ giving. Regardless of which your clients choose, they will get access to all the benefits of our giving community.

But there are some key differences to be aware of when advising your clients.

Tailored offerings

We also have tailored offerings for corporate organisations, not-for-profits, and collective giving groups.

Watch: The benefits of Named Funds (donor-advised funds)

What are the benefits of a donor-advised fund (sub-fund)?
Sue Dahn – Partner/Executive Director of Pitcher Partners and Australian Communities Foundation fundholder – shares her insights on the benefits of establishing a Named Fund.

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