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Why open a fund and not just give directly?

Welcome to structured giving

A donation can make a difference, but when you structure your giving, real change becomes possible. 

Structured giving involves setting up your own fund or foundation. Once you get set up, you can donate into your fund or foundation at any time and receive an immediate tax deduction. You can then spread out your giving over the long term to have a lasting impact on the issues that matter most to you.

Karrina Nolan from Original Power and Jackie Huggins AM from National Congress of Australia’s
First Peoples present to our giving community at an Indigenous messaging workshop.

There are four great reasons to structure your giving.


It enables you to make philanthropic gifts at the right time for you.

This might be:

  • at the end of financial year
  • to celebrate or commemorate an important event
  • when you have an influx of money after running a fundraising event

When you or any member of the public places the money in your fund, the tax deduction is available immediately.


You can plan when the money is granted out of your fund to non-profit organisations based on your granting strategy and the needs of that non-profit.

At Australian Communities Foundation we make grants on behalf of donors every two weeks, so we can ensure the money gets to your chosen non-profit when you want it to.


It’s a way to give to back to future generations or establish a family legacy that can be passed down. You receive a tax deduction now, but you can grant out the money over many years.

Having a fund with Australian Communities Foundation helps develop a planned and strategic approach to giving.

By building an endowment, donors can support an issue or an organisation in perpetuity. Grants can be distributed using only the income that is generated annually on the capital invested to establish the endowment.

Alternatively, you may choose to establish a flow-through fund, that raises money and gives out that money quickly, then raises money again.


Be part of a thriving community of givers, giving you support and access to a variety of events and connections to like-minded donors.

Join our giving community and find inspiration through sharing knowledge, ideas and insights.

You’ll meet people with their own philanthropic goals but with a shared vision for a fairer and more sustainable Australia.

Choose your giving vehicle

Named Fund

Set up a Named Fund to establish an easy and accessible giving vehicle.

All funds are responsibly invested and can be distributed at any time to the charitable organisations of your choosing.

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Private Foundation (private ancillary fund)

Establish a PAF if you would like to manage your own foundation.

While we support you to optimise your grantmaking and/or ensure compliance, you maintain trusteeship and oversee the investments. This solution is ideal for those who have the time and interest to manage their own foundation.

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Gumnut Account

Get started on your giving journey with as little as $2,000.

With a Gumnut Account, it’s easy to make regular, tax-deductible donations to build a lasting endowment fund. Once your balance reaches $20,000, your Gumnut matures into a Named Fund and you can begin granting.

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Create a lasting legacy by leaving a gift in your will.

Bequests help us provide ongoing support to causes and organisations aligned with your values, extending the impact of your giving beyond your lifetime.

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Other options

We also offer options specifically designed for nonprofits, fundraisers, scholarship providers, corporates and other collectives.

Ready to start giving or want to learn more?

Contact our team, who’ll be happy to help.