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2023 First Nations Voice Campaign

Voices for Impact project

Raised $210,600

Raised $210,600

Educating community on Voice, Treaty, Truth

The Uluru Statement from the Heart, born from generations of advocacy, put forth an invitation to the Australian people to create a better future through a series of reforms: Voice, Treaty and Truth.

Government policy, laws and investment in Indigenous strategies have failed over many decades to effectively address social and socio-economic disparity. Indigenous disadvantage continues to be one of the most intractable social issues facing Australia today.

International research proves that when Indigenous people have an opportunity to have a say on the policies and laws that affect them, outcomes are improved. As such, the Voice is a mechanism that allows First Nations to have a seat at the table and provide input on the issues that affect them.

A Voice to Parliament recognises the wisdom and authority in First Nations people, accumulated over more than 60,000 years. Enshrining a First Nations Voice in the Constitution is a powerful reform that will deliver real and meaningful change.

As we approach the Referendum for a Voice later this year, the Uluru Dialogue, a group of First Nations leaders across Australia, continues to carry the cultural authority and the mandate of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

A referendum is a massive undertaking. The last time such work was successful was 44 years ago. The Uluru Dialogue needs your support to pursue its mandate for a constitutional Voice and achieve this much needed reform. First Nations people cannot flourish while they remain unrecognised in the Constitution and don’t have a real say.


Your support means the Uluru Dialogue can continue to pursue its mandate for a Constitutional Voice. Your funds will be invested in research, staff, travel to regional and remote communities, strategy work, advertising and community education.




In 2023, the Uluru Dialogue will focus its work on:

  • Maintaining and growing First Nations Peoples consensus through facilitated dialogues, workshops and community events and elevating First Nations voices
  • Providing leadership to influence political, media and community decisions and discourse through a comprehensive proactive earned and social media strategy,  partnerships, events, speaking engagements and political engagement;
  • Providing legal and technical expertise, including playing a key role in the three formal government referendum working groups, leading legal and policy work with the Indigenous Law Centre, advising on the drafting of the Constitutional amendment and Referendum ballot question, and launching the Indigenous Con Law Blog to provide accessible information to voters; and
  • Educating the Australian community with a research-informed and targeted influencer, advertising and digital strategy.


The Uluru Dialogue is a group of First Nations people from across Australia who have the mandate of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Led by the Uluru Statement of the Heart co-chairs, human rights advocate and experienced health administrator, Alyawarre woman Pat Anderson; and Cobble Cobble woman Balnaves Chair in Constitutional Law Professor Megan Davis, the Uluru Dialogue embodies the strength and leadership of First Nations women which has led to a commitment to referendum in 2023.

The Uluru Dialogue is hosted by the UNSW Indigenous Law Centre, Australia’s oldest and only Indigenous law research centre, which has supported much of the foundational work that led to the Uluru Statement.

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Voices for Impact
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